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Israel's economy strong, gaping inequality remains
Michal Margalit
Published: 11.03.18, 14:17
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1. PM's figleaf
tomer ,   jerusalem   (03.11.18)
yes prime Minister, we ,the voters ,expect from our Government improvements
in living conditions,closing social gap,good education and health services and
security. We expect too good internatinal relations and a creative vision and
action to solve the PA-israel issue .
In a few areas your government can show improvements and alot of areas
we go backwards.

But all your achievements do not mean we accept corruption!!!in any form.

A lot of us do not accept that and we are getting more ,even in your party

2. With 10% of Iran's population Israel's GDP is as big as.....
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.11.18)
3. All thanks to Finance Minister and PM Netanyahu!
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.11.18)
15 years ago while Finance Minister Netanyahu implemented economic and fiscal policies that more than doubled Israel's GDP and led to inclusion in OECD.
4. Since 2009 Israel's GDP grew more than 50% thanks to PM
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.11.18)
5. That "general satisfaction" is the thorn in Left's eye!
6. Improvements needed for adult lower class to stop repetition
7. According to the Righteous Leftist view it would've been
"better" had EVERYBODY been poor/underprivileged, for the sake of "equality", of course.
8. Pretty good for such a young reborn nation
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (04.27.18)
If Israel lacks anything she will learn how to fix it.
How many Jews from how many nations are now residents of Israel?
We are an adaptable people who learn quickly and those who don't can seek more education.
9. Tehraniporou Invest in Iran??
BBB   (04.27.18)
Good grief Obama gifted these maniacs with billions of dollars and still, the Iranian people revolt due to the total corruption thefts and idiocy that the Muslim leaders of bearded ladies dictate.
The Iranian people are short changed no jobs, no money and less food.
If you want to make money don't invest it with corrupted leaders which claim to be 'religious.'
Bad move.
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