UTJ Council of Torah Sages approves IDF draft bill
Kobi Nachshoni and Moran Azulay
Published: 11.03.18, 23:46
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1. vomit out these bastards
jack korn ,   brooklyn ny   (03.11.18)
As a chareidi Jew myself,i am absolutely and utterly embarrassed and disgusted by these criminally insane TRAITOROUS blackmailing gangsters,these UTJ blackmailers and gangsters ,they need to be vomited out by the electorate and never again let into the government
2. these people might as well be a lost tribe from New Guinea
Rafi ,   US   (03.11.18)
living in the 13th century...

Despite some use of hi-tech devices, they otherwise live in totally their own world... which is one thing.

But they're also shrewd enuf to vote in large un-democratic blocs and to schnoorer from the welfare & education system. Few nations would tolerate what Israel does.

At a minimum, they're free ride off society should be ended... Let them start paying increased taxes for all the burden they cause, including police overtime.
3. Force the Orthodox to intergrate into society
Shep ,   Memphis, TN - USA   (03.11.18)
The Arab and Ultra-Orthodox demographics are a existential threat to the long-term survival of Israel. The secular Israeli's can not continue to carry the economic burden any longer. The demographics are a ticking time bomb, Either the secular Israelis get tired of having their lifestyles affected by the cost of carrying the Orthodix and they leave Israel altogether or there will be a civil war. This is similar to the civil rights movement ion the American south, but inn this case the Othodox need to be forced to intergrate.
4. Elections are coming up
Tehraniporou   (03.11.18)
Shaked as pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!all but bennett! It’s time to end the realm of king nutsssyyyyahuuu. The Israeli political real tv is getting more exciting by the days. Dallas &&
5. What's all this rubbish about
naor ,   jerusalem   (03.11.18)
Lapid won't sit with the haredim- for Pete's sake why would anybody want to sit with them- why are we even thinking about any future governments including these haredim if they are prepared to do this- they have no interest in the state of Israel only their own interests.What ever party gets in its time to shut these people out for once and for all.
6. Pigs At The Public Trough
DSM ,   USA   (03.11.18)
When election time comes, elect leaders who will cut off all funding from the government to these people. It may not change their minds about serving in the IDF, but it will certainly put a halt to whatever standard of living they now have.
7. Hooray! Ultra-Orthodox have the Cojones, Secular Gov lacks!
Urban Dweller ,   Israel   (03.11.18)
Go Elections! yes!
8. Please finish b4 Pesach, Popcorn is not Kosher l'Pesach!
9. Deport the Haredi
Tova   (03.11.18)
to Russia. They feel they have the right to make political decision only the haredim and refuse to do their obligation in being in the IDF.

They defy Torah and yet they expect Israel to support them. They defy Torah each and every time. The Haredim are not GOD which commands every male must be soilders for Israel as written in Torah as Joshua himself was a rabbi.

Send them to Russia. Let them have a taste of their own ignorance. Let them be in labour camps. These haredim do not accept Israel. So they shouldn't be given citizenship. Deport them All.

10. Gabbay seeks earliest possible political suicide!
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.11.18)
Gabbay: "Let me be clear: we will support moving up elections to the earliest possible date." All the polls indicate that his party will lose half its Knesset seats, forcing his resignation. One poll indicated that if Livni removes her Tnuah from the Zionist Union and runs separately, she will get 8 seats to Gabbay's 7!
11. Failed delusions
Dorian ,   Ach   (03.12.18)
If they have their way, they will be exterminated. Like an abused woman who marries an ex con rapist who gets beaten. They want the Nazis so they can miraculously fight them this time. But the whole f----- thing is a delusion financed by the Israeli government.
12. Gabbay
David ,   NY   (03.12.18)
imagine Gabbay was in power or Livni, Jerusalem was not to be recognized as Israeli capital by US because they were caved to pressure from Obama, Netanyahu resists, same for settlements they were offered concisions that make it hard to defend it like now Bibi is doing, no alternative for Bibi, Gabbay stupid wants election and he is on the way to lose,
13. What always amazes me, is the fact that these purveyors of
darkness have no qualms when looking into eyes of parents that send their children in harm's way into IDF, while claiming that sitting on their fat asses & "learning" Torah is just as valuable and equal!
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