Report: Trump's peace plan to be presented 'soon'
Orly Azoulay
Published: 12.03.18, 22:39
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1. First, the Palestinians need to get back to the table
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.12.18)
The rest will flow like clockwork.
2. yep! & all of us r waiting with bated breath! because...
One Israeli ,   Israel   (03.12.18)
of course it will be the best peace plan EVER! right?!
3. My plan : GET RID OF THE ARABS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.12.18)
4. Chris y do ur people always need 2 get rid of other people?
Bembridge Scholar ,   Israel   (03.12.18)
Now I know many Germans and I know that they aren't like that most be a vile throw back or an evil left over or something really weird because really you are NOT a representative normative German!
Go on then crawl back under ur rock!
5. Keep Jerusalem United , capitals of Israel and Palestine but
Ken   (03.13.18)
Separate from Israel and Palestine, like the District of Columbia as a starting point. Controlled by neither. Militarily free.
7. If he can convince"Palestinians" that they're simply "Arabs"
8. Tremendous anticipation of a Great plan, maybe the greatest!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.13.18)
EXPELL ALL ENEMIES OF THE JEWISH STATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. ANNEX JUDEA & SAMARIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.13.18)
11. Pals demand free concessions before+during talks
Sam ,   Montreal   (03.13.18)
That's their peace plan. Palestinians say they have nothing to give and want Israel to hand over the country. The leaders never veer from this fearing they are going to be killed. For good PR they allude to concessions but walk away before signing anything.
12. For 70 years Arab League has made conflict worse
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.13.18)
They need to pick up the largest share of the burden of solving this conflict such as:

1. Settling Arab so called "refugees" in the Arab countries where they reside now
2. Compensating Jews who were forced to leave behind properties in Arab countries
3. Compensating so called Arab "refugees" for any claims they have property in Israel
4. Funding the repatriation of 5 million Arabs from Israel to their native Arabian peninsula
5. Agreeing to remove the eyesore on top of Jewish Temple Mount in united Jewish Jerusalem and transferring to Arabian Muslim cursed Mecca

After that they can make peace with Israel if they want but from the point of view of Israel it is not necessary

13. Why speak to the monkey when you can speak to the .....
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.13.18)
organ-grinder? The Palestinians can always speak directly with Israel, the slave master. They don't have to speak to the slave at the White House.
14. Tova, the Jesus worshiper: engage in a logical conversation
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.13.18)
Or shut up! Why we should recognize Israel when Israel refuses to recognize Palestine? Besides, Israel doesn't want peace. Does a country that want peace, builds hundreds of colonies on occupied territories and transfer hundreds of thousands of its citizens to live on land that belongs to its neighbors?
15. America's will is usurped by Zionist Jews, Hence America...
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.13.18)
can not be honest, fair or free broker. America had 70 years to reach peace. and achieved nothing. America is Israeli occupied territory. Yes, Zionism doesn't occupy ordinary Americans. But Zionists do control those who rule America and the stupid Americans know it.
16. I am 100% against a Palestinian state
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.13.18)
Israel-Palestine is one state. Tel Aviv is Palestine and Hebron is Israel. One democratic state for all. No fascism,no Zionism, no chauvinism, no bigotry, no oppression, no racism, no apartheid, no discrimination because of race and color.....just live and let live in peace and harmony.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.13.18)
Maybe Trump will find a nice place for them in Manhatten....
18. present-day Jews have nothing to do with ancient Israel
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.13.18)
19. go try your luck in Karkau, Polamd
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.13.18)
20. Arabs in Israel have nothing to do with ancient Canaanites
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.13.18)
or Greek Philistines from whom they stole name.

They are members of Arab League and not Canaanite or Greek Philistines Leagues
21. Khalid You are a Satan worshiper
Tova   (03.14.18)
Jesus is a Jew. That is true. You can't change the Gospel to suit Islam. Jesus is not Islamic. NONE of the prophets are Islamic.

I know how you think is that why you tell me to shut up. I seem to understand your kind too well. Surely you cannot be that ignorant.

Trump will not bring peace. No president in any country will bring peace.
Peace can only be achieved when the Messiah comes and your people will know who the true GOD of Israel is.

Too bad your Quran doesn't speak the truth. Khalid take an aspirin it may help with your anger.
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