Coalition strikes deal, averting early elections
Moran Azulay
Published: 13.03.18, 20:45
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1. Nutsyyyyyahuuu is the best stand-up comedian in modern
Tehraniporou   (03.13.18)
Politics. At least I get to see super sexy shaked longer ! Sexy shaked in black as pm before she gets 45
2. I am personally thrilled to death
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.13.18)
Anything that keeps my hero Bibi in power, is okay by me.
3. oy Scheiße!
Audrey Taylor ,   Israel   (03.13.18)
Oy Scheiße! that would be Oh $hit! in German
4. Landver has cojones...everyone else is just a girl!
Urban Dweller ,   Israel   (03.13.18)
5. 59 votes out of 120 affecting 13 million people is Apartheid
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (03.14.18)
6. So the Muppet show continues
naor ,   jerusalem   (03.13.18)
7. Agreement is good RIGHT... RIGHT ???
Michael Segal ,   minneapolis   (03.14.18)
I hope they work out their differences RIGHT... RIGHT ???
8. Torah Studies is about
Tova   (03.14.18)
serving in the IDF as GOD commanded. It began with Moses and Joshua.

GOD did not give Israel on a silver plater. GOD was with Moses when crossing the red sea. GOD was with Joshua entering Jericho. GOD was with King David against the Philistines. GOD was with Israel in 1948, and GOD was with Israel in 1967 and Jerusalem was united.

GOD commanded Israel to have an IDF for GOD knew the state of Israel would have many wars to fight.

If the haredim are excluded from military service. They truly do not care about Israel. They do not care about being protected when war comes.

They do not care and because of that the haredim follow Satan not GOD
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