Chief Rabbinate refuses women to take test on female laws
Yael Friedson
Published: 15.03.18, 13:52
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1. The answer is simple
Joseph ,   USA   (03.15.18)
A Woman can't be a Rabbi. So what do you want to take a Rabbi exam. If you go against Torah laws that day you have to follow your Rabbi but you want to overthrow the Rabbi and become bigger than your Rabbi seventh women can't...
2. what is it: ordination or validation?
corrina   (03.15.18)
This is an easy fix. Why not formulate a degree or certificate that validates the women's knowledge, without using the system designed specifically for rabbinical ordination? If the women are seeking "the recognition for Halachic knowledge, the equivalent to an academic degree, and to be able to apply for tenders in the civil service, they should be more than willing to be validated by an alternate method. to insist on using the system designed for ordination demonstrates that what they are seeking is ordination. If so, they should be honest about this motive.
3. GOD gave women the right to learn Torah
Tova   (03.15.18)
GOD gave men the ability to learn Torah. GOD gave men to be the head of household, the head of the Temple. GOD also commanded all men to be soilders for Israel when war comes to Israel.

GOD also gave Torah to women. not to be rabbis necessarily, GOD gave equal teaching to both men and women. For the day when the husband/man does not come home from war. Who will care for his family?

Today the haredim do neither. They refuse do to their duty in the IDF. They do not care for their families as in the Biblical Days.

Sadly the haredim have become too too too religious rather than live the GOD has commanded the Jews to live.

Women must know to Torah so they can teach the next generation.
GOD gave to women equally as he did to men.

Miriam was a women of wisdom and learned women whom the people of Israel listened to and that includes the men.

Deborah the prophetis who instructed Baruch how to fight the battle and won. Yes in biblical times men did listen to women. Men did know GOD spoke to both men and women.

Today. the Haredim have lost all their faith in GOD.

4. Cut citizen's money to parasites
Avi L.   (03.15.18)
5. It's all about sex
Robert ,   Antwerp   (03.15.18)
When a woman is niddah ss not allowed to have sex. To allow women to judge when they are niddah or not is giving them control over their sexlife. This the orth
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