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US, France, Germany join UK in blaming Russia for nerve agent attack
Associated Press
Published: 15.03.18, 17:40
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1. Wouldn't last a day
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.15.18)
Nerve agents in the hands of Palestinians.
2. MI5, CIA created the attack to make it look as done byRussia
ironbutterfly ,   Naples, FL   (03.15.18)
If British "investigation" doesn't reveal the results, then it's clear who did this.
It's part of American led attack on Russia.
It's a result of fear of China and Russia and of course of the growing anti-American atmosphere in the Asian countries, including India.
3. Russia doesn't take West seriously after Syria
Ron Steinberg ,   Tel Aviv   (03.15.18)
4. Putin
C   (03.15.18)
the man is extremely foolish. he wants to fight half the world.

it is true that for now, much of europe depends on russian energy.
however, that will not be the case forever.
israel is being blackmailed by putin. that will not last forever either.
5. Back to the cold war ? sense of deja vu?
Tehraniporou   (03.15.18)
It will settle down. The EU is dependent on Russia for energy, they dont have any alternative but to compromise with russia. Ironically they wanted to diversify with Qatar and Iran.
6. And they'll do nothing, Putin can cut the gas supply
Avi L.   (03.15.18)
It will be another big show of words, empty posturing and moral high ground photo ops.

And they'll do nothing, Putin can cut the gas supply, Putin can throw down Donald, Putin can do whatever he wants, no politician wants to rock the boat.

Let's remember that Putin gave orders not to harm for Donald and Sanders, two sides of the same coin.

USA voted for Putin's puppet Donald, UK voted brexit, Italy voted pro kremlin parties, the rest of Europe will follow suit.

The more chaos the more people will vote for Putin's proxies.

7. BTW, Israel didn't say the word Russia in its condemnation
Avi L.   (03.15.18)
BTW, Israel didn't say the word Russia in its condemnation ... Bibi needs the "special friend" to stay friendly in the syrian skies ;)
8. In the new World Order
Roger ,   Vancouver   (03.16.18)
Russia,s only new friends are Syria, with a new Russian navy port, and Iran
just finishing an 800 billion gas deal. Russia has made it clear and attack
on its ally, is an attack on Russia. Trump now has the backing of his new
secretary of state, and of coarse BiBi to go after Iran next. They have been waiting since the last attack in Iraq to get this done. Iran the only ME state to
back Palestine. The Saudes, Egyptians etc. have been bought and paid for
years ago by the US and couldn't,t care less about Palestine. The Russians
are backed into a corner, and if Trump attacks Iran, Russia will be forced to
retaliate. It could be the start of something huge that can get out of control.
9. Bravo Israel
Mr Reason ,   Berlin   (03.16.18)
Israel shell stay off the Anglo Saxonian aggression against Russia.
10. There goes another huge blow to Trump collusion hoax
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.16.18)
11. In the chill of nuclear, post WW3 winter, only Russians,
cockroaches and Muslim thugs will survive & carry on with the diseased human race.....
13. German company sold Iran chemical rockets used in Syria

As with the past ten years German companies have been at the forefront in giving Iran weapons and technology proven to have been used to oppress their own population while committing genocide against others. Germany is actively supporting not just Palestinians terrorism but Iranian globalist agenda. Aryans and Iranian have a long history of evil together.
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