High Court issues temporary injunction blocking migrant expulsion
Amir Alon and Telem Yahav
Published: 15.03.18, 18:39
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1. Damn it! Not again!!!!
Phoenix   (03.15.18)
Damn idiots! Enough of protecting these filthy animals! They are illegals and must be deported. Enough of these savages destroying our peace.
2. Tony Lange -what do you know about Israel?
Stan ,   Israel   (03.16.18)
Since a high fence was put up a few years ago, refugees from Sudan and Eritrea have not been able to cross over from Sinai.

Israel requires tens of thousands of foreign workers for agriculture, building, tourism and helpers for the sick and the aged.
Besides the Palestinians who work mainly in the building industry, all the others from China and Eastern Europe (Building and infrastructure) Phillippines and India (Health care) Thailand (Agriculture) are brought in by manpower companies who make millions from this lucrative business. This is money that the government could save by moving these refugees to cities and towns all over the country.
3. Coward activists don't want to marry Africans or take home
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.16.18)
This is what they promised to do in the past weeks but instead they go to court to keep the South TA Jewish residents suffering
4. We should seriously consider abolishing elections/ any
semblance of "democracy" in Israel.
We've got the Omnipotent High Court of Moral Values, that only its anointed members can weigh upon.
No need for us, mere mortals to go through the motions of choosing what kind of government we want.
5. The greatness of a Jew is,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (03.16.18)
he who becomes one. Why can't these people be intergrated into this Jew thing, learn Hebrew, raise children speaking Hebrew and believe in this one God?
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