Lebanon plans to boost army presence on Israel border
Published: 15.03.18, 22:22
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1. The guy's a laugh a minute!
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.15.18)
Let me get this straight: Lebanon is moving troops to the border to protect itself from Israel. Israel is building a wall to keep Lebanese troops (AKA Hezbollah) out of Israel. A wall that keeps Hezbollah out of Israel also keeps Israel out of Lebanon. Israel just wants to be left alone, yet the Nasrallah goons in the north and the Hamas goons in the south insist on not leaving Israel alone.

And Hariri, whose father was murdered by Nasrallah, is Nasrallah's puppet, spouting off total nonsense. And he wants EU useful idiots to pay for the troops!

Israel needs to complete the northern wall. Anything coming over it or under it will start a very short war with Nasrallah, and turn southern Lebanon, literally, into a waste land.

Hariri should watch his back- it won't be Israel that's coming for him. Gee, doesn't everybody miss the good old days when Lebanon had a huge Christian population? Oh, I forgot. We're not supposed to speak about the ethnic cleansing that eliminated Christians from Lebanon and brought psychopaths to power. But for what it's worth, what happened in Lebanon perfectly illustrates how Islam spreads.
2. Putting his head into the noose.
tiki ,   belgium   (03.15.18)
Hariri's biggest mistake was when he came back to Libanon.
He probably wants to join his father.
3. Lebanon has a death wish
C   (03.15.18)
israel will defend herself at all costs.
4. ehud barak vs ehud olmert
ed   (03.15.18)
olmert's book is coming out. the few tidbits are quite interesting. bear in mind that olmert is a born liar who would see anyone down the river for some gold pens. however, barak is no saint himself, full of arrogance. but he did fight notably as a commando, did some planning for the idf. he is not known as a liar, but is full of misjudgment or bad judgement whether not hitting the syrian nuclear reactor, running out of lebanon in a haphazard way, or offering mind boggling concessions.

nontheless, olmert is less reliable than barak. as for the west bank, i would take nothing from either of them.

olmert is a good promoter but is wrong on most things related to security. he cannot be trusted.
5. Hezbo can take whatever LAF has anytime. Thanks USA
jos rech ,   la   (03.16.18)
6. S/400 anti-Aircraft missiles will stop Israel violations
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (03.16.18)
7. Lebanon is a mirage
Cameron   (03.16.18)
There is only Hezbollah north of Israel.

This Hariri & all others in Lebanon are but utterly intimidated and obedient servants to the will of the Hez crew.
8. Just what the F is
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (03.16.18)
9. The meat in the sandwich
Cushi ,   Brisbane   (03.17.18)
Lebanese Shi’ite Hezbollah militia behind the Lebanese Armed Forces whom is facing Israel’s IDF.
It looks as the Lebanese Armed Forces going to end-up as the meat in the sandwich.
10. is it really Leb Army-or Hezbollah/Iran element in disguise?
Rafi ,   US   (03.16.18)
11. Hezballah using human shield
Avi L.   (03.16.18)
Hezballah using human shield behind which to launch missiles.

Since Israel announced plans to land attack, Ira//Hezballah are putting "lebanese army" in front in order to be able to say it is against "lebanon" with all the "diplomatic" consequences etc et etc.

Hariri is just an hostage taken once by Saudis once by shias.

He is very pleased because a good part of that ca$h will end in his pockets.
In the end one more photo-op opportunity where "soldiers" of the "lebanese army" and Hezballah gunmen will be seen fighting shoulder to shoulder against al Yahud.

UN and EU yellow bellies should stop paying and giving political support for these butchers
12. Lebanon has a right to defend itself
Iron Duke   (07.14.18)
Lebanon has a right to defend itself, its allies, and its interests. And it has a right to seek collective defense arrangements with whomever Lebanon chooses, as befits an independent sovereign state. Lebanon also has the right to respond to attacks on it, its allies, and its interests in the manner, time, and place of its own choosing.
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