The Palestinian fuse is getting shorter
Ronni Shaked
Published: 18.03.18, 23:56
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1. So what is Shaked's solution
DSM ,   USA   (03.19.18)
Of course he hasn't any. He just repeats the terror that we all know about. What he does seem to hint is that Israel is being to tough on the Arabs and perhaps if Israel were more gentle they wouldn't feel so hopeless. I've said many times Israel is being to soft. If every attack by an individual or group was met in such a ferocious manner that the Palestinian leadership paid a price, they in turn would try to stop it to save themselves. Not this silly you shoot a rocket into Israel and the IDF airforce will shoot a rocket to an empty field near you. Overwhelming force, overwhelming force.
2. Q "lone" attacks? punish with "lone" death penalty !
Moshe Israel ,   Tivon, Israel   (03.19.18)
If Shaked is accurate in the description of pal youth, and "lone " attacks then
imprisonment of such murderers is not adequate.

Israel will have no choice, but to implement a death policy for murder.
Death eliminates a murderer.

Moshe Israel
3. Terror is NOT the Palestinian strategy,freedom is
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.19.18)
Patrick Henry said: give me liberty or give me death.
Israel, as we all know, is giving us death and more and still more death on a daily basis, hoping that we would somehow miraculously disappear. But we wouldn't and won't.

Israel expects us to take its murderous repression silently, without noise, without BDS, even with serenity and appreciation for the chosen people. Isn't this what made Harry Truman remark that Jews were the worst former underdogs in History.!?

Yet, we keep reading these vacuous, frivolous and stupid screeds by young Israeli writers who think they know everything when they actually know next to nothing!You see, the stories of the Jews are many, but in my opinion they are mostly silly.
4. My friend Ronni said it like it is
Khalid Amayreh ,   Dura   (03.19.18)
Except that the overall outlook is bleaker at least a hundred times more than he projected in the article.
5. Thank you Ronni Shaked and Joseph Araman
Stan ,   Israel   (03.19.18)
For giving facts and only facts.
To Jay Wilkoff and Jerry Glass - If we Jews were living here under occupation, we would be doing exactly the same as the Pals have been doing for the past 50 years. Before 1948 the "terrorists" of Etzel and Lehi killed British soldiers and also innocent civilians in their struggle for independence.

6. Mr
Daniel Freedman ,   Tzfat   (03.19.18)
Left wing ynet spokesman for the Palestinians once again justifying terror against the Jewish population. Your reasoning is flawed, when the Palestinians have every advantage of assistance why was there still attacks. To blame it now that they are actually beginning to be held accountable for their actions is in constant and disingenuous to say the least
7. Wrong stupid. Rather sign they are scrapping bottom
On the way lower. Total defeat next stop.

Don’t worry your little mind. Just step out of the way.
8. Land theft, greed will wipe out "Jewish State" by demography
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (03.19.18)
9. Don't expect Arabs walk to the ovens like Jews
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (03.19.18)
10. What diplomacy?Pals reject Jewish state on any territory.
Sam ,   Montreal   (03.19.18)
The only diplomacy Palestinians accept is free concessions before and during talks. They want Israel to hand over the country to them. Then they complain that talks achieve nothing. What do these idiots expect? The Israeli Left is more able to put on a show of talks but they can't achieve anything more. They just pretend they can to get votes. Sooner or later Palestinians will always return to violence because they leave no peace door open unless it means Palestinian Muslim states only.
11. Another empty head academician
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.19.18)
With empty diplomatic toolbox Arabs commit terrorism

With full diplomatic toolbox Arabs commit terrorism

The solution for permanent peace in the Middle East is the transfer of all Arabs out of Israel
It is a pity that the jews of Israel do not also have ' short fuses " and gladly tolerate palestinian terror and murders.
13. The Palestinians have more options than they think
Vered, Israel   (03.19.18)
The Palestinians have more options than they think, which they can never access until they learn to empower themselves and understand that they have been duped by the Arab leaders. Most Palestinians had Jordanian citizenship. Why, then, when we signed a peace treaty with Jordan, were they not included in it? Because their citizenship was stripped in order that they could become an open sore. (let us try that) Gaza was a part of Egypt. Why, then, when we signed a peace treaty with Egypt, were they not included? So that they could be an open sore. They have money to print silly signs saying "Our dignity is not for sale", while simultaneously asking for international money. Their dignity was sold long ago, when the Arab world decided that the Palestinians were a perfect way to incite the masses against Israel. After 70 years and billions of dollars, the UN is still delivering subsistence-type goods, such as actual bags of flour to the Gazans.
No, they have another option: do the hard work of nation building, like we did 70 years ago.
14. And when Barak oferred them everythinng,including "right of
ab   (03.19.18)
return" their "fuse" was even shorter.
So solution'd be Israel convert to Islam and deal with the pals the arab way....
15. What "toolbox", what "diplomacy", what "Paleshtinians"?!!!
16. Plus ca change
Geoff ,   London   (03.19.18)
The terrorism we're seeing at the present time is essentially the same as we've seen over the past hundred years. It's got nothing to do with a lack of international support for Palestinian aspirations and a deadlocked peace process and everything to do with thePalestinians' age-old wish to get rid of Israel. It really is that simple.
17. only ending the occupation and apartheid would work
Amram Cohen ,   a Majority of Jews v   (03.19.18)
18. A little known secret
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.19.18)
We murder because it's in our blood...not for political expediency.
19. Israelis have more options than they think
ASSAF YAGORI ,   SDEROT   (03.19.18)
Israelis have more options than they think, which they can never access until they learn to empower themselves and understand that they have been duped by the Zionist leaders. Most Israelis have a European or Russian citizenship. They can use their passports. I am sure that the US would agree to absorb a few million Israeli Jews. Trump, Pence and Haley would love to help.
20. I think everyone's fuse is getting shorter
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.19.18)
there is a semblance of mutual assured death feeling on both sides. This means that Israel with all its arsenal of nuclear bombs, F-35s, F-15s, F-16s and other state of the art systems imported from the US or developed by Rafael won't provide security (Petachon Ish-shi) for normal Israelis.

The message is clear. You will not have security if we continue to languish under your evil occupation. Period! Give us freedom, we will give you security. Irf you choose to set off your rabid dogs against us, that is your choice. But it wouldn't help you! We no longer care. Life and death are the same.... thanks to your "benevolent" occupation.
21. Let "Palestinians" blow their fuses elsewhere...
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.20.18)
"Palestinian" fuses are only a problem for Israel because we foolishly empower "Palestinians" to maim, murder and otherwise harm us. No matter how much torment "Palestinians" inflict on us, we keep showering them with food, money, materials, electricity, work permits and other support. The mad flow of Israeli support is all that enables our mortal "Palestinian" foes to comfortably squat in our land and plot our doom.

The obvious answer is to end ALL mad Israeli support for "Palestinians" to stay here and help them leave. Let them blow their fuses in Jordan and elsewhere, where they belong.
22. Yes the ending the occupation is the only solution
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (03.21.18)
The fake palestinians are the occupiers, they should be totally repatriated to JJordan, the land of Israel including gaza, and all the land Israel gave back is Israel's eternal inheritance. And Jerusalem is/was and forever remain eternal capital of Israel. You can see from history that any nation that went against Israel, Hashem destroyed. Most of them disappeared from the face of the earth. Without any trace. Any leader, or nation that curse Israel, will themselves be cursed by the the righteous Almighty.Hashem. I hope these wicked people come to their senses.
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