Father of four stabbed in Jerusalem terror attack succumbs to wounds
Ynet writers
Published: 18.03.18, 23:55
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1. I don't know why
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.18.18)
My brothers in the flesh have to be such savages, especially when all al Yehud wants is peace.
2. It seems that many many Jews and Pals are destined to die
Ron Steinberg ,   Jerusalem   (03.18.18)
before the appearance of any tangible hope for peace! It is sad that the Jews are now finding themselves in the shoes of their former tormentors. Sad but true!
3. I am tired of hearing this.
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.18.18)
Arabs and Jews must stop killing each other. But I do know they won't as long as the manifestly evil Israeli occupation doesn't end. You just can not remove the effect and leave the cause unscathed.
4. So much for 90 days of peace and quiet.
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.18.18)
Expel the family to Syria, demolish the house where he lived, and deed the property over to the state. Ten million PA tax dollars to be withheld and given to the victim.

What's that definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome?

Arab attacks Jew, Arab dies. Arab home demolished, Arab family deported. Israel takes penalty from PA tax revenue.

Every outcome for the Arabs is negative when they commit a terrorist attack, so why do they still do it? Abbas will tell you its for glorious jihad against the infidel Jews. In reality, it's simply because the Arabs are idiots. Morons.

This terrorist is dead, his family will be uprooted and dispersed, and his family home will be destroyed. All while Abbas and his family live in a huge beautiful home, his grown kids make a fortune off PA corruption and live like playboy millionaires! How abysmally stupid are the Arabs??

Abbas: "Young men and women, go attack Israelis with anything you can find- cars, knives, rocks, etc. Do this for Palestine! Jihad is a great way to die!"

Arab kid: "But why don't you send your kids to attack Israelis?"

Abbas: "As I said, it's a great way for YOU to die, not my kids, no way."

Arab kid: "Then I won't do it and you can go to hell."

Abbas: "Security! Arrest this Jew-lover and send him to re-education camp. his ability to see through me makes him a danger to the entire PA. Allah-forbid! What if others his age realize that this line about jihad and martyrdom is just a crock? What if others see that we are just enriching ourselves at their expense, like we've done for decades?"

Reporter: "President Abbas, you didn't answer the young man's question. Why aren't your sons attacking Israelis instead of enriching themselves with lucrative and shady business dealings? Why do you ask others to die for Palestine while you and Erekat and your extended families and friends continue to enrich themselves? Please answer the question!"

Abbas: "No comment, interview over."

Abbas: "Security- please show the reporter how I enjoyed his questions. I don't want to see him ever again."
5. Stupid Pals think this will make Jews hand over country
Sam ,   Montreal   (03.18.18)
Don't let Palestinians work for Jews. They can't be trusted. They are easily convinced by their leaders to ram, stab and and suicide bomb. The leaders should pay a price too not just their primitive followers.
6. The demoralized Jew writing under my Name (1) IS
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.18.18)
wrong. Israel doesn't want peace. A country that builds hundreds of settlements in occupied territories and transfers hundreds of its citizens to live on their neighbors' land obviously doesn't want peace.
7. TOVA- the ignorant Jesus worshiper who wants to convert Jews
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.19.18)
ROVA-my dear: try to be fair and honest.

We are not against Israel because Israel is Jewish. We are against Israel because Israel happens to be criminal, murderous and evil.
Your own Jesus described them as generation of vipers! Right or wrong.

Also, many of our people are Christian and they are even more anti occupation than Muslims.

We love, respect, and adore Jesus whereas the Zionists you so ignorantly embrace curse Jesus as often as they breathe the oxygen of life. Please try to learn the truth and be honest and fair. I could give you information that would shock you.
8. Khalid, why didn't you complain when Jordan occupied you?
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.19.18)
Jordan treated the Arabs like dirt, yet they never said a word about being occupied, why is that? Oh, it was because fellow Muslims were abusing you and you were ok with that??

maybe it's time the Arabs said, "OK! If you're going to occupy us, then give us good sanitation, good schools, good jobs, etc. If you do, we'll pay our taxes and be good citizens."

It's really as simple as that. But considering the actions of your fellow Arabs, I doubt you'll ever have a 'state' or even a neighborhood that can be part of the 21st century.

It's just amazing how stupid the Arabs can be. To paraphrase that old antacid commercial, "How do you spell pathetic moron? P-A-L-E-S-T-I-N-I-A-N."

Yes, you idiots will kill a few Israelis, but you'll never stop Israel. you're like fleas on a very big dog- an irritation, nothing more. Abbas will bilk billions from useful idiot donor nations and steal most of it. You wonder why you're in such poor shape? I'll give you a hint. It's not Israel's doing. Can you figure out the rest by yourself?
9. To Joseph Araman
Martin ,   M├ílaga   (03.18.18)
Why they didn't attack the turks then during During ottoman occupation????
10. My answer to David, Hartford USA (19.03.18)
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.19.18)
David asks:why didn't you complain when Jordan was in the west Bank?
This is a good question: The Jordanian rule was not perfect, but Jordan didn't destroy our homes as Israel has been doing since 1948, Jordan didn't torment us, didn't carry out nightly Gestapo-like raids on our population centers, Jordan didn't confiscate our land or vandalize our olive groves, Jordan didn't massacre our people as Jews did at the Ibrahimi Mosque on 25 Feb. 1994, Jordan didn't do to us a tiny fraction of what the Jews have been doing to us.

In fact, the King of Jordan was our king, and the Jordanian army was our army. Jordan gave us equal citizenship whereas Israel gave us apartheid and Jewish Nazism. There was a semblance of justice under the Jordanian rule but justice is absolutely and totally absent under the Israeli occupation. I hope this answers your question. Have a good day!
11. Why didn't we attack the Ottomans?
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.19.18)
Because the Ottomans were us and we were them. They didn't torment or harm us. The opposite is true.

Any comparison between the Ottoman rule and the Nazi-like Israeli occupation is therefore infinitely and inherently corrupt. It is like lumping Mordechai and Haman in one category.
12. When we realize it's either "them or us" THEN we may have a
chance at winning this war.
For some reason our leaders choose to fantasize about domesticated/humane Islam instead!
13. tomorrow morning 100,000 Pal children taught to kill Jews
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