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French graphic novel depicts Theodor Herzl's life
Tamar Shabak
Published: 20.03.18, 17:14
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1. Herzel is not a seer
Tova   (03.20.18)
GOD gives visions concerning Israel. These visions are not given to the religious only. These visions are given to whom GOD chooses. GOD chosen Herzel with a vision.

Israel became a nation. Not by Herzel, But the Will of GOD.

To use the seer implies that Herzel was a false fortune teller. A person who claimed to have powers looking into the future. Herzel had none of these.

Herzel was a man no different than anyone in history who prayed and thought about a homeland for the Jews.

In GOD's timing - not human timing - Israel was re-established. For such a times as this. No one knew at the time the holocaust was the beginning.

In GOD's time - Israel was restored.
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