Israel confirms attacking Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007
Noam Gil
Published: 21.03.18, 05:00
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1. The IAF: The best little air force in the whole wide world!
Katanga   (03.21.18)
Saluting the ladies and gentlemen of the Israel Air Force! Thank you for a job very well done indeed! Kavod!
p.s. and also thanking G-d for blessing Israel with the correct military and civilian intelligence and the correct leadership which ordered the strike.
2. Why to go IAF! Way to go!
3. Betcha Netanyahu couldn't get this done! He ain't got it!
Quality Control! ,   Israel   (03.21.18)
Remember? Netanyahu bungled a much simpler operation in Jordan.
Remember? Netanyahu ended up releasing Sheik Ahmed Yassin the head of Hamas!
Remember? Netanyahu released the largest number of terrorists EVER and unleashed the worst terrorist wave on Israel EVER!
Nope, Netanyahu ain't got it. He's just not up to speed...but he's sure got a fast and smart mouth! It is a pity that Netanyahu is who we have as our Prime Minister....really we could do way better than him!
4. Two points that must be emphasized:
NadavKatz   (03.21.18)
1. The State of Israel - a tiny liberal-democracy and the national home of the Jewish people, one the size of Wales or Slovenia, has been eager to achieve an accommodation of peaceful coexistence with all of its Arab neighbors since the day it was proclaimed. Sadly, to this day, the neighbors have been eager to see the very demise of the State of Israel and the "cleansing" the national home of the Jewish people of its Jews. Hence, the necessity by the tiny State of Israel to ensure its existence and sovereignty and the very lives of its citizens.

2. So long as the threat of the very survival of the State of Israel is there, nothing will stop its citizens of the State of Israel, the freely elected government of the country, and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) from ensuring its survival, nothing. Jews, worldwide, including the Jews of the State of Israel, have committed to NEVER AGAIN, be delivered to the slaughter houses like silent sheep.
5. Coward Israel sits out Iraq, Syria, Afghan wars
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (03.21.18)
6. Good for Israel
Rami ,   Helsinki   (03.21.18)
This is one of the many defeats that the mass murderer suffered.
7. Shows that even bumbling politicians like Olmert/Barak can
get things right, once in a blue moon.
8. Israel's message to the world
C   (03.21.18)
the tiny jewish state, despised by the goy nations, destroyed the nuclear
reactors of two rogue regimes which posed a threat to world peace.
the so called civilised world, members of the free world, stood by
silently while israel destroyed the nuclear capabilities of two
rogue regimes.
worse still, the world powers signed a deal with the genocidal shia
theocratic regime of iran which would allow that regime to keep
its nuclear weapons program. this disgraceful agreement is
worse even than the munich agreement since this deal's
results are known in advance.
9. Iran, pay attention
C   (03.21.18)
keep in mind that obama is no longer president.
10. Mossad!
C   (03.21.18)
all enemies and even allies have to fear this unique intelligence agency.
11. IAF, amazing success
C   (03.21.18)
eight warplanes flew into enemy territory and destroyed syria's nuclear
reactor without losing a plane or causing civilian casualties.
12. Iran would have been bombed too if it wasn't for Iraq war!
r   (03.21.18)
The failure of bush's iraq war led to where we are today - an iran that has nuclear capabilities. The U.S. could not participate in a war against iran after it messed up in iraq
13. I like the way Israel deals with it's enemies
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (03.21.18)
I wish they did it that way in the good ol' US of A.
14. Do Israelis always need a moral booster???
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.21.18)
Otherwise, why is Ynet regurgitating these old stories? Besides, Isn't Israel a strategic ally of the Alawite sect which rules Syria since 1963? Didn't Israeli officials fly urgently to Washington in 20015 to convince the Americans to keep the Assad regime in power?
15. What is this? Some kind of sadistic nostalgia
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (03.21.18)
Assad is still there killing his own people in the name of the Jewish state and the Rothschild's.
16. Cowboy slimebag Bush did NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.21.18)
DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17. Take my word for it
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.21.18)
Arabs can never be trusted with WMD...and neither can Iran.
But naturally, I give Israel my clean bill of health.
18. Every Nation Has The Right To Use Nuclear Energy Peacefully
World Citizen ,   the world   (03.21.18)
Israel once again proves it is an outlaw nation. It thinks it is a law unto itself. It breaks international laws and gets away with it because of the USA's veto power on the UN Security Council. No wonder it is considered a pariah. Someday Israel will reap what it has sown.
19. That's Because The Syrians Didn't Have S-300s Back Then
World Citizen ,   the world   (03.21.18)
Idiots on this page say the Israeli Air Force is the world's greatest. Don't they realize that the IAF has never fought against a first world nation's military? Don't they know that the Russians have hypersonic missiles that can be launched from aircraft at a distance of 2000km and S-400 and the soon to be deployed S-500 anti-aircraft SAMs?
20. One question why disclose it now??
Tehraniporou   (03.21.18)
Is it the message? One month prior to the likely exit of the US from the JCPOA?
21. no fan of olmert
james   (03.21.18)
olmert tried to get bush to do the job but the answer was no. bibi tries to do the same thing with usa and iran. it is the same old story. barak can say all he wants to about delaying the operation until it was practice perfect, but the truth was he was also concerned about a major war with Syria and Hezbollah. and barak is not ariel sharon. sharon was a good battlefield general prepared to use brutal force against any and all. barak was initially an excellent commando on smaller operations. he was not noted as a great battlefield general. so he was reluctant in case of all out war. his actions at interdicting Hezbollah missile shipments were much weaker than yaalon's or now lieberman. for every missile attack by barak, leiberman launches 3-5 times as many.

the real force driving the operation was in my opinion gen dagan. and if bibi was pm at the time, the reactor would not have been hit. bibi would have been endlessly pleading with the usa to do israel's work for it. that is who he is, no heroic security figure at all, forget about it.

22. What "disclosure"?! Every toddler knows/knew we did it!!!!!!
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