Olmert: 2,500 people knew about Syrian reactor strike plan—and nothing was leaked
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 21.03.18, 10:43
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1. 2,499! because Netanyahu blabbered on TV b4 strike...
8200 ,   Israel   (03.21.18)
Seriously, don't y'all remember? Netanyahu...he's all mouth and no action! How many years has he been carrying on about Iran? and what has he done? Nothing! just talk and smoke cigars!
2. Olmert I love you
Moti   (03.21.18)
3. Someone preparing a come-back for one of our worst PMs?!
4. He was decisive
Amos ,   Vancouver   (03.21.18)
He had his faults with honesty and integrity but unlike the current PM, he was decisive.
5. you see clearly why olmert was such a flop in security
ray   (03.21.18)
look at the language olmert employs-synchronization, elements, international cooperation with diverse set of elements. this is a man of letters and not action.

he like bibi is a beggar when it comes to action. he begged bush to carry out the operation just like bibi who begged obama and now trump to take care of iran. both men while different, one with combat experience and the other without, both lacked guts. olmert mishandled the Hezbollah war badly, and bibi runs away from every confrontation in favor of speeches.
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