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How Haredi civilian service has become a popular way of beating the system
Yehuda Shohat, Ariela Sternbach
Published: 24.03.18, 18:08
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1. These cultist will be the destruction of Israel
A, Out There   (03.24.18)
These frauds curse Christ in one breath and steal his bounty with the next.
2. But how do I pay my taxes
Roberto Ramon ,   Carmiel   (03.24.18)
Well, I can not continue reading because tomorrow I must get up at six in the morning to go to work my ten hours a day. But how do I pay my taxes at the end of the month?
3. Thieves
Mordechai ,   Beit Shemesh   (03.24.18)
Were thieves, are thieves and always will be thieves and the average poor Israeli who works long hours and does miluim pays for them!
4. Leeches on Leeches, Suckers, Freiers, Jews Jewing Jews
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (03.24.18)
5. Haredim have a choice to make
YehudaBen Daviv ,   Jerusalem   (03.24.18)
We have chosen the Torah...not idolater Zionism
6. Payments to the 'draft-dodgers'
Jake ,   Kiryat Ata   (03.25.18)
So Yesh Atid...are you on this?
7. Haredi "civilian service"
Neil Schwartz ,   Raanana   (03.24.18)
Another Haredi rip off. When will we wake up!!!!!
8. I would rather see the Torah live even if this means death..
YehudaBen David ,   Jerusalem   (03.25.18)
of Zionism and Israel.
9. Send them gas chambers
Tova   (03.26.18)
These haredim should have been on trial in Nuremberg with the Nazis.
They told the Jews to go the camps. They are responsible for 6 million Jews together with Nazis.

Now its their turn to go the gas chambers.
10. The Torah is filled with ancient men of valor who FOUGHT
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (03.26.18)
And, they were the faithful not the religious unions.
When you mix money with the business of religion, religion comes in second to money
11. #5 Correction if I may.
BBB   (03.26.18)
No, they chose money like the paid pals have for terror.

Money is a root of an evil.
12. Don't tarnish them all with the same brush
Suzanne Lieberman   (04.03.18)
There are many people who take their service seriously. I have two sons who have either finished or finishing. The first worked with boys with learning difficulties, and went on after his service to work as a works Manager with a large organization dealing with special needs young adults. The second is doing his service at the fire service and works at least a 36 hour week.
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