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Anti-Semitic caricature appears in Belgian textbook
Itamar Eichner
Published: 23.03.18, 09:32
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1. Antisemitism card
Guest ,   Z   (03.23.18)
Anytime someone criticizes Israelis terrible treatment of Palestinians, play the anti-Semitism card to silence critics! It always helps me win.It's better than full house. I use it every time I go to Las vegas!
2. Jews cry racism while holding millions behind barbed wire
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (03.23.18)
Belgians can go suck a Fishermans Friend.
4. It is true 100%
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.23.18)
I live in the West Bank and sometimes, especially in summer, we get tap water once or twice per month whereas our Jewish neighbors in the settlements receive tap water 24\7.

The cartoon in the book is not anti-semitic.
The situation it describes is ugly.

Anti-Semitism is about hating Jews for being Jewish, it is not about criticizing Israeli racism, apartheid, and criminality.
5. Belgium was the gateway for Nazi troops on route to France
C   (03.23.18)
belgium had broken its defence agreement with france and declared
neutrality just before wwii. as a result, belgium was totally unprepared
to face nazi invasion of belgium.
6. belgium
victor ,   brussels   (03.23.18)
Belgiums, have a long tradition of antisemitism.

Not only in the schoolbooks, also the journalists on tv,.

Look the reportage made in israel from an antisemite so-called journalist, Phara de Aquira, on canvas vrt.

7. antisemitic caricature
Maurice Rosenfeld ,   Antwerp   (03.23.18)
The cartoon is by Carlos Latuff and the text is from Amnesty International from 2009.
The editor of the geography texbook ( written by extreme left authors) will be removed in the next edition.
8. belgium
victor ,   brussels   (03.23.18)
What you not will llearn in the belgium schoolbooks, neither see on tv, neither read in the begium press, is that


1.000.000 AFRICAINS.

9. people don't have lawns in Israel. Water is scarse. Liars!
jos rech ,   la   (03.24.18)
you have to go to park to see lawn.
some rich may have it, but not the people
10. This is anti settlers Not anti Jewish
Khaled Ayoub ,   Toronto   (03.23.18)
This caricature reflects a definite actual tragedy : settlers enjoy 90 percent of water in the west bank while Palestinians ,about 2.5 millions, are deprived of their water resources .This has NOTHING to do with being anti- semitic at all .Why do you always consider criticizing Israel's occupation of the West Bank as anti-semitic ??? I believe this is a hopeless and helpless strategy to justify this hateful occupation !
11. This is not negligeable anymore
Nothing hurts more than money issues.
Maybe we should blessed them with a
civil suit.
12. My fellow Jews, return home, to Israel, now!!
NadavKatz   (03.23.18)
13. Telling The Truth Is Not Anti-Semitic
World Citizen ,   the world   (03.24.18)
The Palestinians have barely any water. Settlers have sometimes poisoned their wells. Meanwhile Israelis float around in swimming pools. And some of them are fat.
14. But it is true
Becka ,   Los Angeles   (03.24.18)
While the picture may be offensive, the message is true. While Palestinians are often denied water, the settlers are free to fill their swimming pools, keep their lawns green and use far more water than is allotted to the Palestinians. That is the reason that many Palestinians have tanks on the roof of their homes in order to catch whatever rain water comes.
15. Let them build desalination plants
Ethan ,   Sharon   (03.23.18)
16. The Palestinians know what to do to get water
Mark Sherry   (03.23.18)
Come to the table and negotiate honestly...something that has been anathema to them for the past century.
17. The dumb Belgians will rot with the rest of Eurabia, so why
bother commenting on their behaviour?
18. Not really...
hughie ,   London   (03.24.18)
Anti-Israel, sure. Anti-settler, certainly. Antisemitic? Certainly not. I find the Saudi government abhorrent but do I hate Muslims? Not a bit.
19. Criticizing Israel and anti-Semitism are not the same.
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.23.18)
This "cartoon" doesn't look antisemitic to me and Belgium has a long and admirable tradition of saving Jews. To be anti-Jewish, which means antisemitic, something needs to be specifically critical of the Jewish religion, not necessarily of the State of Israel. There is plenty of Jewish religion criticism within Israel, as we all know.
20. I am Jewish and criticize Israel, I see no contradiction
ASSAF YAGORI ,   HAIFA   (03.24.18)
the Torah commands us to tell the truth
21. War and words
Sander Fridman ,   Rio de Janeiro   (03.24.18)
Words against Israel is war against Israel. False allegations are war crimes. War crimes by Jews against Israel are high treason.
22. Sander Fridman, Criticizing Jewish fascism is not treason
Mark Jackobson ,   Tulsa, Oklahoma   (03.24.18)
Our Torah commands us to tell the truth and be honest. Israel is a n evil state and its treatment of non-Jews is appalling.
23. אבל זה מה שממשלת ישראל באמת עושה
יוסי   (03.24.18)
היום שמתי לב שוואי נט ממש חארות. ממשלת ישראל עושה ממש מה שמתואר בקריקטורה. ואתם קוראים לביקורת החיונית הזו אנטישמיות. הממשלה מתעמרת שנים בפלסטינים בכלל ובמשפחת תמימי בפרט, ואתם קראתם היום לעהד תמימי פרובוקטורית. הצגתם את ההחלטות של המועצה לזכויות אדם של האו"ם נגד הבריונות.והעבריינות של ממשלות ישראל כאילו כל העולם נגדינו. נהייתם עיתון חצר
. כלי של שלטון ההון וההתנחלויות. גועל נפש לקרוא אתכם.
24. I'm confused !!!
Charles Haggerty ,   Glasgow   (03.25.18)
But can someone/anyone please explain how this is in any way inaccurate ?
25. I am an English man, I find Islam a sublime religion
Maurice Zlichr ,   London   (03.24.18)
Judaism ethnic, Christianity polytheistic
26. So a caricature in Belgium is anti-Semitism
Zvika ,   Israel   (03.25.18)
Yet an article on this site "How Haredi civilian service has become a popular way of beating the system " is acceptable? How do you allow yourselves to publish such disgusting talkbacks/comments? And how do you have the impudence to condemn (in this case) the Belgian Education Ministry for what they did? Because you are no better. By way of contrast, there is another very large minority in Israel who "everyone knows" milks and bilks the system on a much bigger scale. Of course, not all of them; but very many of them. Do we see any investigative articles how they are (also) "beating the system" while not doing army service? Ynet wouldn't dare to even look into this matter and certainly not publish any findings in an article. And would never publicize such sickening comments calling for the collective punishing, deportation, and even extra-judicial executions (!) of said minorities. If Ynet can bash -- Belgium can also bash. It's simple. It's time to grow up and find another national pastime instead of spewing hatred for those you don't like. The same way bashing Arabs is understood to be crossing a line and unacceptable, so too de-legitimizing those with whom you disagree -- settlers, haredim, right-winger generally -- is also not acceptable in a civilized society. Anything else is pure hypocrisy.
27. Der Strumer....but they they are accurate!
Avi Yeroshalmi ,   Jerusalem   (03.25.18)
28. Defamation of Israel is not anti- semitic as long as the
Amram Cohen ,   HAIFA   (03.25.18)
truth is told.

29. Belguim is Like Canada
Tova   (03.26.18)
Trudeau has no respect for Jews and doesn't care about Israel.

He continually apologizes for his ignoramus comments. Trudeau brothers has very much a muslin supporter and I guess in runs the Trudeau family.

Trudeau and Belgium would have no problem in becoming an Islamic State. maybe Trudeau would prefer Hinduism. He certainly enjoys playing a little school.
30. Depiction is racist
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (03.26.18)
Let’s be clear racist depictions of Jews have been in school textbooks almost since textbooks were created. Europe has depicted Jews as Shylocks evil bankers, the worlds puppet masters, rats, cockroaches, and usually worthy of extermination. When you teach your children this type of thing they grow up believing it. This leads to things like the Holocaust or lynchings. This does not belong in a textbook today. It is not only racist it’s biased and wrong. A little research will show that water is available to all
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