UN rights council passes 5 anti-Israel resolutions
Associated Press
Published: 24.03.18, 08:37
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1. Victimhood
David Miltier ,   Kibbutz Gat   (03.24.18)
Again Israel tries to play the VICTIM.
You can only cry wolf so many times.
2. If the Arabs suggest that Jews have no human....
NadavKatz   (03.24.18)
...rights, because they are Jewish, the this UN agency will affirm the proposal.
3. And that's the crux of the problem: countries that "know
better" are perfectly content cultivating their own antisemitic tendencies.
USA has to leave this rotten to the bone gathering of Islamic forces in the very heart of New York!
It's an abomination.
4. TheU.N.will go to war against Israel and haShem will destroy
Rivkah   (03.24.18)
them. Their eyes will melt in their sockets before the bodies hit the ground according to Scriptures. Good riddance to goat nations.
5. America stands with Israel because Zionism comtrols US
Mark Jackobson ,   Tulsa, Oklahoma   (03.24.18)
government and Congress, not because Israel has a moral cause. I am an American Jew and know this too well.
6. The United Muslim Council resolutions are irrelevant
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.24.18)
7. I salute the peoples of the world for calling the spade a
ASSAF YAGORI ,   HAIFA   (03.24.18)
a spade/
8. The Assad regime is evil, but Israel is not angelic
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.24.18)
The evil treatment meted out to the Syrian people by the Syrian regime and its Russian and Iranian allies doesn't justify the manifestly criminal Israeli treatment of the Palestinians.
9. UN is not anti-Israel, Israel is habitual human rights...
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.24.18)
violator. It is sad that many Jews refuse to understand this clarion fact.
10. The UN
Roger ,   Vancouver   (03.24.18)
will not be pushed around by the doltard Trump, and his band of rejects.
Mark Jackobson ,   Tulsa, Oklahoma   (03.24.18)
and frustrated
12. Human rights?...and to whom is it directed?
Cushi ,   Brisbane   (03.24.18)
The Arab world is making a mockery of democracy and their leaders violating Human Rights laws with impunity.
It looks like the United Nations Human Rights Council only mission is to see the guilty go free, these Council should be disbanded immediately or be charge as accomplices for every Human Rights violation in every country in the Arab world and elsewhere
13. UN is evil!
David ,   Bend   (03.24.18)
The Hebrew Prophets have recorded these events in TaNacK. May we all have spiritual eyes to see it and prayerful hearts for the Sons of Ya'acob.
14. I suppose the UN is happy with Muslim rule?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (03.24.18)
Unless they have to actually live in a Muslim nation where women are regularly
sexually mutilated, where even a child's hand can be cut off if he stole a piece of bread to fill his empty stomach just to name two atrocities, there are more, many more.
Underling the reasons the Pals refuse to leave Israel for publicly they rant against Israel in public and sigh a sigh of relief when not in public.

In summation, the Muslims, in all frankness ADORE Israeli law and civil liberties a better way of life for they and their heirs.
However, if they actually vocalized the real truth their fellow Muslims would then seek to take their lives.
See what I mean about liberties and a preferable way of life in Israel?
15. # 12 That's the results of a UN Muslim majority.
The only positive thing I can say for the Muslim majority at the UN is, they aren't required to die ( as their fellow Muslims) in one of the horrendous war torn nations they represent.
Can we all say hypocrites?
Bloody hypocrites?
16. # 10 Roger Vancouver re: the UN
BBB   (03.24.18)
the UN is satisfied with Muslim majority where
NO POTUS is welcome.
Satan yes, POTUS no.
17. # 9 Khalid then why do YOU live in Israel?
BBB   (03.24.18)
What rights of yours are being 'violated' as you are a resident of Jerusalem?
18. # 8 Khalid let's make a deal
BBB   (03.24.18)
The Syrian Army ( Allied with the Russians) have murdered over 500,000 Syrian civilians.
If Israel murdered the same 500,000 Palestinians, then, we'd be even and equal.
Too bad Israel is so humane so we can't play 'catch up' with the Muslim barbarians.
If the Pals had 500,000 fewer souls in Israel, then, your ignorant rant would have merit.
19. # 7 Assaf HAIFA
BBB   (03.24.18)
Because life is sweet in Israel especially compared to any Muslim nation.
20. # 5 lol so, that's why America is such a resounding success
BUID BABY BUILD !!   (03.24.18)
G-d Bless America!!!
p.s. you can always leave and find 'a safe haven' in any one of a number of third world Muslim nations where live has no value.
21. C re: Mark the dirt liar
BUIDL BABY BUILD !!   (03.24.18)
Amen buddy Amen!!
One trait of Muslims, liars as the truth can't touch their lying lips.
22. c UN ts.
24. The UN sanctioned and gave birth to the state of Israel
A, Out There   (03.24.18)
Both will go the way they came as "perishable items" with a "shelf life" of nothing with an "expiration date" of any minute. 70 is a very prophetic number only peculiar to Jews and the state of Israel. Can't way for May, then we may not have too.
25. Why do I live in Israel? because it is my country!
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (03.24.18)
Besides, if one is a citizen of a given country, it doesn't mean he or she must accept its wrong deeds!,

My family lived here in Jerusalem long before the creation of the evil state.
26. Judaism unlike Islam is a tribal parochial and racist cult
Ahmed Yazan ,   Jakarta   (03.24.18)
Islam is universal and millions of Europeans and Americans are joining Islam

In a few decades, Islam will be the number-1 religion. What would frustrated Zionist Jews do? Commit collective suicide?
27. A symbolic but welcome move
Iron Duke   (11.17.18)
These resolutions won't do much. But nevertheless, it is good that the UN is putting the Israeli regime on notice for its many crimes.
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