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Paddington Bear gets kosher for Passover
Associated Press
Published: 24.03.18, 11:14
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1. It is against Hallakha
A, Out There   (03.24.18)
To eat marmalade on matzah
2. Paddington bear 2
Martin Rhodes ,   Bet Shemesh   (03.26.18)
Make an excuse to take a kid to see Paddington bear 2 and I promise you will all have a lot of fun. Hint. Don’t go for the exit when the credits start to role. You will miss the best bit.
3. Ashkenazi Jews always wet the Matzah
Tova   (04.04.18)
it is a common as anything else. it is quit common to eat Matzah broow.

You wet the Matzh in warm water, not too soggy. and mix it with eggs milk salt and black pepper. Then scramble.

When ready you can eat it applesauce, sour cream. this is a very common dish.

What about using Matzah in the commercial sense. Chocolate matzah, candy sprinkles, etc. Is this passover - NO. It just using the Matzah in anyway that brings in revenue.

The varieties are like going to an ice cream parlour. Really folks a debate on Matzah.

It is Passover, eating plain Matzah is not going to kill you. Amazing every holidays Jews still argue between what is acceptable or not acceptable.

One thing that remains true. Jews in the past did not fuss over stupid things.
They left Egypt. The dishes for meat and milk were the same. they did not have separate plates or anything of the sort.

The only thing that GOD commanded was not to eat Milk and Meat together.

Nothing to do with dishes and all the other nonsense today's rabbis make up.

Jewish holydays are about GOD, not whether you have separate dishes, Eat Matzah with jam, peanut butter or whatever you like.

Be joyus this Peseach. Take off your spiritual bondage.

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