Hamas launches large-scale military exercise in Gaza
Elior Levy
Published: 25.03.18, 15:02
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1. u mean Israel launches large scale military exercise in Gaza
A, Out There   (03.25.18)
We do know now that Israel is Hamas and Hamas is Israel. These Gog and Magog Caucasians and Mediterranean muattos in Canaan have to war and she'd blood. Numbers 16:32 We have the epic story of Korah(the Jew war machine) his weapons and military might being swallowed up in an earthquake, God Almighty's weapon of choice.
2. IDF beware! Trojan horse!
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.25.18)
Tens of Thousands of 'peaceful' Gazans marching towards the border will mask the sounds of Hamas soldiers using the tunnels. What better time for a surprise attack when thousands upon thousands of Gazans are milling around the border, masking the noise of tunnelers, and Israelis are distracted while preparing for Passover?

It's not very difficult to imagine the propaganda that Hamas is aiming to spread: "On this day, the Passover, the Zionist entity was destroyed and Allah granted us a great victory!"

Tens of thousands of Gazans milling around near the border, with their loud music, and many vehicles driving around, will mask all sounds of tunneling under Israel.

Israel should announce that if anyone surfaces from a tunnel on the Israeli side and is armed with any type of weapon, the M134 Miniguns will be activated until the border is silent. Very simple to understand.

To be safe, any resident of Gaza who insists on approaching the border should be totally naked. That is they only way they can prevent their being considered an enemy combatant and being shot.

Only naked residents of Gaza will be allowed into Israel, where they will be given falafel and shwarma for lunch and sunscreen for their bodies. They may be photographed for security purposes. (Especially the hot Arab women! If there are any.)
3. Pals want to replace Jews. Jews will fight to keep state.
Sam ,   Montreal   (03.25.18)
This fight will go on and on as Palestinians accept only Muslim ruled states for themselves including Israel proper. The US and EU cannot buy them off for peace although Palestinians want their money. It's possible that Israel would have quiet for a longer period with a big response but Netanyahu is afraid to escalate.
4. I have serious reservations about Hamas, but
Ibrahim Safir ,   HAIFA   (03.25.18)
I wouldn't describe the movement as terrorist. Fighting a brutal foreign military occupation is honor not terror.
5. I thought they had no money?
tiki ,   belgie   (03.25.18)
6. Pals have right to dream of expelling Jews just as Jews...
Avi Yeroshalmi ,   HAIFA   (03.25.18)
harbor same dream. Arab Nazism would be a natural and ultimate boomerang effect of Jewish Nazism. Pure and simple!
7. How does Hamas always have new uniforms, latest weapons??
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.25.18)
For a Muslim enclave surrounded by Muslim states and a Jewish state that wants nothing to do with it, Gaza sure spends an incredible amount on uniforms, weapons, rockets, etc.

Why don't the people of Gaza demand that Hamas spend donor money on fixing Gaza rather than preparing for a war that will only occur if Hamas attacks Israel?

This 'million-Gazans march,' if the people of Gaza had any sense, should be the opportune moment to overthrow Hamas. Let's see what happens. Will they overthrow Hamas and change their lives for the better or will they be pawns that Hamas has groomed them to be it its war against Israel?
8. Day of return for Arab Pals?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (03.25.18)
If they were truthful ( which they are NOT)
that would mean they all would return to the Muslim nations they came from.
9. # 4 Thanx for the thought
BBB   (03.25.18)
what wont call 'terror' that you mistakenly call honor will be the death of you and those who agree. RIP.
10. Sam, Montreal, the dirty liar: Israel killed the two-state
Avi Yeroshalmi ,   Jerusalem   (03.25.18)
Solution by building 400 Jewish colonies and by transferring half a million fanatical Jews to the West Bank where they murder Palestinian school kids and steal their land.
Conclusion: Israel doesn't want peace.

Also, you lie when you claim Jews don't want to expel the Palestinians. In fact genocidal ethnic cleansing is Israel's only strategy to deal with the Palestinian reality. Don'y you read what Jews write at this forum?
Or are you dishonest?
11. Julius: give them lazer-guided missiles to
Avi Yeroshalmi ,   Jerusalem   (03.25.18)
avoid collateral damage!
12. Solomon BKLYN: I live on earth not Mars
Ibrahim Safir ,   HAIFA   (03.25.18)
I read the Israeli media, and many Israeli intellectuals and commentators speak of a brutal, ruthless and evil occupation....and you are telling me Hamas is the occupation!

I will tell the whole world the truth about the evil occupation.
ASSAF YAGORI ,   Haifa   (03.25.18)
"Arab Nazism would be a natural and ultimate boomerang effect of Jewish Nazism. Pure and simple!"
14. I don't love Hamas but hate Israeli racism and apartheid
Chuck Stewart ,   London   (03.25.18)
Jewish Nazism is the root cause of the conflict in the Holy land.
15. World War Z, millions walk out of ghettos to their homes
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (03.25.18)
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (03.26.18)
cry for more money form the suckers around the world.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (03.26.18)
JIHAD THEATRE, but they can't keep the power on for a few hours even? Iranians should see how their hard earned cash in just blown up to dust.
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