IDF chief: 'Palestinian arena is highly explosive'
Published: 26.03.18, 21:32
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1. shteinitz unfit for office
hank   (03.26.18)
shteinitz should take his ph.d to a university and stay there. he is disconnected from reality. he really is more like herzog and livni than anyone else.

anyone with a shred of experience knows that the Arabs respect force. instead shteinitz wants to give Gazans food and medicine to show generosity.

this Jewish mindset has to change for Israel to survive.

just as the ruskis had to go through hell in waging a savage war to defeat the hitlerian enemy, Israel will have to do likewise. it will not achieve its goals with gifts or having others do it for itself. there are too many Israeli leaders who refuse to see what is in front of them. even the idf talks philosophically about the threats instead of preparing for a savage war ahead.
2. aah: the infallible "Uncontrollable Rage of the Muslim mind"
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