Croatia to purchase upgraded Israeli fighter jets
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Published: 28.03.18, 18:56
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1. $7 Trillion US wasted on anti-Zionist wars, over $1M per Jew
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (03.28.18)
2. Without Israeli upgrades the F16's are useless against MIG29
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.28.18)
3. The UN is a burden to the US
lawom ,   cebu   (03.29.18)
More than 25% of it is financed by the US and has not done much good for the world or the US, singling out Israel with resolutions of accusations. The so-called "Palestinians" are a burden to the US using aid money to educate hate on their children and build tunnels to murder ANY Jew. Latin America is a burden to the US, receiving aid from the US and stabbing the US in the back in the UN. South Korea, Japan and the whole of Asia except China is a burden to the US. Recently they are being protected from the terror of North Korea. Kuwait is a burden to the US, having to be freed from the invading Iraqis. Bosnia is a burden to the US, having had to stop the ethnic cleansing/killing of Muslims. Ukraine, Croatia ---- THE WHOLE WORLD is a burden to the US! Why are you complaining about Israel?! Arrogant racist thug.
4. Stupid
Moishe   (03.29.18)
Its totally stupid.Serbia will never attack a Nato country!One of the biggest US Bases is in KOSOVO(UN Paper say:Run by Druglords,Mafia...).

So why poor Croatia buy it?Because NATO say you must spend 2% of state income into Military.
5. to BenASSi
Steven ,   Rockville MD USA   (03.29.18)
Your math is incorrect. It is less than 500K per Jew. Are you a relative of Araman? You can kiss his tuches.
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