Tens of thousands of Palestinians swarm Gaza border, 16 killed by IDF fire
Ynet reporters, AP, Reuters
Published: 30.03.18, 22:33
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1. When playing with fire, you ought to know, the fire may...
NadavKatz   (03.30.18)
.. consume you!! Thus, don't operate as the agents of the Islamist warlords of HAMAS.
2. YNET revels in Israels destruction once again
TheEvilLeftistMedia ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.30.18)
"Fear Fear and Fear" has been the tactic of Israeli Lefts mantra for a
generation now spread panic among the Jewish public and into
the arms of retreating to indefensible borders their real fear is
a Moslem majority which would never tolerate their Nihalistic
Tel Aviv behavior that's their real fear not their love of
the Arab Moslem Palestinians
3. All Israel has to follow is send a few helicopters loaded
A ,   RightHere   (03.30.18)
with pig urine to shower the sand rats with. I'm sure the party will be over very quickly and with no casualties on either side.
4. Long Live Israel Forever!
Happy Pesach! ,   West End, London   (03.30.18)
עַם יִשְׂרָאֵל חַי עוֹד אָבִינוּ חַי
5. Once again Pal leaders leading people nowhere
Sam ,   Montreal   (03.30.18)
Pal leaders can't defeat Israel so they perform theatrics instead and tell the people they will win soon, soon, So instead of Palestinians making a life they are left to rot by incompetent leaders. Are Palestinians too dumb to realize that?
6. Right of return
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (03.30.18)
to Gaza first then, hopefully, return back to the Arab nations they came from.
7. Courage?
Mara ,   Boston   (03.30.18)
What courage? Don’t be naive. Now if it were the other way around and it was Israelis storming the fence, THAT would be courage. Hamas knows full well that the Israelis would not use bullets to kill unarmed people. They have other ways of driving back those people. Hamas on the other hand would not hesitate to to use bullets or rockets to kill innocents as we have seen them do in the past.
8. This is not Europe, you don't invade us, Muslim scourge!
9. Hamas sinking to the depths of depravity
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (03.30.18)
Cynically instigating and driving civilians into harms prop up and grab a few column inches for this miserable corrupt failed and festering Hamas leadership

Let there be NO DOUBT that any deaths that result are SOLELY the responsibility of Hamas.

So lets hear from the UN the EU and UNWRA and UNHCR about yet another blatant CRIME commited by Hamas against its own people
10. Protecting the environment
I would prefer something cleaner and more rigorous, something pure, bright and colorful.
My friend, there is nothing like napalm to deal with this type of events.
11. The poor farmer was planting - yes planting a bomb
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (03.30.18)
12. Mr.
Jess Sain ,   omaha   (03.30.18)
Looks like a target rich environment to me, I have a few weeks vacation and a .308, need volunteers? The Paleosimians are a virus in search of a cure.
13. Virtually every last 'Gazan'
Empress Trudy ,   Raleigh   (03.30.18)
Is the descendant of someone forced there by Egypt.
14. GO TO HELL NAZI ARABS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.30.18)
15. They've invaded EUROPE. What else do they want ?
Andre ,   Clichy   (03.30.18)
16. We ORIGINAL refugees have returned to the land WE made Holy!
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (03.30.18)
17. Good for Israel
Brian ,   Wichita   (03.30.18)
The article is mislabeled. Should be Israel successfully defends itself from Muslim terrorist invasion.
18. To Hamas Gazan lives ARE CHEAP
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (03.30.18)
What do they care

Bunch of criminals about sums up Hamas

KNOWINGLY inciting, coercing civilians into harms way if for no other reason than diverting their attention from Hamas miserable, corrupt failures

That may buy Hamas a little time but THEIR TIME in Gaza is well and truly UP
19. loyalty test for citizenship needed fast
maureen   (03.30.18)
a loyalty test is needed along with some service wehter idf or civilian to the state. a loyalty oath should test whether citizens have made their mimimal sacrifices for citizenship. if not, then they should lose citizenship and removed from the country.

as for european reaction, they can go to hell in paris and brussels and sweden. to start with
20. bibi not needed with his pleading,sweating and concessions
jay   (03.30.18)
Lieberman in a calm and strong way told gazans they will be shot if they come near the fence. this is happening. and Israel is losing sleep or sweating or pleading which is what bibi was doing. not only him but his brother also in letters was emotionally almost unhinged. this breeds fear and uncertainty. bibi is afraid of every confrontation. he is not the commando people think he is. he is like the soldier who is unable to go back into the field.

bibi will either step down or thrown out. most Israelis are sick of his weak stuttering begging leadership. they do not want lapid gabbay and livni. they want a coalition including likud but with a different leader.

he will be indicted but his buddies are wrong. he needs to step down as soon as the indictment is handed down. leiberman is far superior to him as his Bennett.

Israelis will note how Lieberman is handling the riots-with a calm iron fist. contrast this with bibi sweating and pleading with putin and trump, with herzog and livni offering concessions and hiding behind a new fence, lapid who wants to recruit Saudi to make things nice, and gabbay who has no idea on what to do just like amir peretz.

that bibi was sidelined in the hospital shows Israel does not need him period. as olmert said, resign even now, you are a drag on Israel. olmert says jail time may be an issue for you as it was for him.

21. # 18 True Sammy
BBB   (03.30.18)
Life is very cheap unless, it's their own.
Notice most of the pals 'leadership' isn't any where close to the fence.
They 'lead' from the rear, any ones rear.
22. # 15 Tomorrow the world! That's what they want.
BBB   (03.30.18)
23. Two State solution?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (03.30.18)
Leave it to the Muslims, they believe Europe is just another State.
Germany helped them invade Europe with an engraved invitation.
G-ds payback.
24. The Book of Comfort
Ezekiel Nine ,   Vauxhall, UK   (03.30.18)
Today is going to be the best Pesach of my life. Just the same day that European anti-Semites mourn the death of their Messiah, on behalf of who they have been chasing, killing and sacking Jews for 20 centuries.
May each of the days of the Omer till Shavuot be better than the previous one!
And when day 50 arrives, even the deaf and the dumb will understand the primal meaning of the 10 commandments dictated on Mount Sinai, the place where the LIGHT was created and now will once again enlighten the world.
The time of repentance is running out and only the smart ones will be saved.
25. see how resolute leiberman is
manny   (03.30.18)
unlike yaalon who was overly emotional about idf alleged excesses, avigdor is resolute period. this is being noticed by nasrollah. Israel will take out whoever is up to no good, and will not lose sleep over it.. if 10,000 are shot, so be it.

we are not seeing last minute pleas from Washington or EU to Israel because lieberman is not listening. he is dealing with the matter at hand in the cold blooded manner which is the way of war leadership.

we have had enough, our fill of netanyahu sweating and pleading to abbas or hamas. It is almost a pleasure not to hear from bibi who will quickly resort to peace offerings. the public is sick of him.

and Israelis should wake up from their fear based idiotic political preferences and vote for someone who gives them defensible borders ie Jordan valley sovereignty, not leasing, and manages war properly unlike bibi who was pathetic in his Gaza operation handling.

you either vote for strong leaders or you end up dead. that is your choice.

liberman, bennett, feiglin, likely barkat, and maybe saar are the realistic choices. livni lapid herzog and gabbay are your pathway to death. and since jews know what death is all about, they should bloody well wake up to reality.

26. IDF
Harold ,   NY   (03.30.18)
IDF is controlled by a bouncer from the Soviet Union and it is made to murder unarmed civilians.
27. Return?
Robert ,   Cleveland   (03.30.18)
Palestinian right of return? To what? Land that was never theirs to begin with?
28. Arab Muslim invaders, colonisers, go back to Arabia
C   (03.30.18)
the land of israel is the sovereign jewish state of the jewish people.

the sovereignty of the state of israel is inviolable and eternal.

king david had built the holy city of jerusalem, eternal united
capital of his jewish kingdom, three thousand years ago.
his son, king solomon, had built the first jewish temple
in jerusalem.
at the time, islam did not exist, and arabs were not present
in the land of israel.
arab muslims are occupying parts of the land of israel.
this illegal occupation by arab muslim invaders will end.
29. weak pathetic meretz calls for ceasefire
areieh   (03.30.18)
one of the reasons more Jews were not saved in WWII was because of groups of people like meretz-they abhor violence of any kind even in justified defense. Israel is more careful about using force than any other country. Putin would have shot 10,000 gazans on the first day and the protesters remaining would run for their lives.

to read meretz calls for ceasefire reminds me of bibi running to a ceasefire in the Gaza war before the tunnels were hit. the cowardice is on full of display- a giant yellow streak. these Jews are a danger to the security of the state and that includes bibi so he should stay out of. lieberman is handling it well. and if he will not flinch if 5000 gazans are shot, he will tell you he told you so. in fact if he has to shoot all gazans iwho wish to breach the fence, then he will do it.

the era of bibi is over without a doubt. lapid has no chance of being pm because he is just like meretz.
30. A Solution
Amos ,   Harriman NY   (03.30.18)
Make California the New State of Israel; give Palestine back to the Palestinians.
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