Hamas says 5 killed in Gaza border clashes were its members
Elior Levy, news agencies
Published: 31.03.18, 15:41
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1. "Terror org. inside Gaza", hmm: that's like 95% of them all!
2. Dead members of Hama's " military wing???
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (03.31.18)
Wasnt this supposed to be a peaceful demonstration.If you are going to lie you at least need to be good at it! No intention of making this peaceful from the start- another orchestrated Hamas publicity stunt with the youth of Gaza sacrificed on the front line for outdated fundamentalist beliefs.
3. This fence forcing works in EU because Muslims there are
Alan ,   SA   (03.31.18)
voting fodder. Therefore EU must play nice nice or risk losing one or other party. Israel is homeland for us Jews. We have no room for another few million PEOPLE of any demographic.-whatever their religion.
4. Why no Muslim-Arabs in Gaza gather along the Egyptian...
NadavKatz   (03.31.18)
....boundary? Answer: their brethren in Egypt, unlike the Jews, would mow them as soon as they come near the fence....!!
5. If Hamas admits 5 members then there are many more
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.31.18)
6. its the same old story-terrror lies
bella   (03.31.18)
nothing has changed since 48. riots and provocations, guns, Molotovs, then run to the UN to complain about casualties and call for meeting on the issue.

peace is not possible with the political echelon period. perhaps with the merchant class.
7. kick the press out of war zones
mofta   (03.31.18)
press is always one sided, always. some are paid terror supporters.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (04.01.18)
The suckers of the world! Pay up, EU or there will be another PALIWOOD soon.
9. mr
stve gure   (04.01.18)
I am amazed that not more palestinians were shot
10. bibi congratulates idf soldiers after 1 day
ed   (04.01.18)
hamas marches plan on 6 week protest of thousands near the fence to force concessions. Israel pm bibi prematurely congratulates idf soldiers after day 1. the protest is not over. wait for them to end before congratulating. there is nothing to say at this point other than to dig in and shoot any who harm the fence as lieberman is doing.

we don't need to hear from this weakling bibi who projects unease and fear among Israelis. who th3e hell congratulates soldiers after day 1 only. only a failed soldier would do that. he knows nothing from nothing other than to beg putin and trump and abbas. bibi is sweating worrying. Israelis do not need this. it is enough of bibi. throw him already.

step down as olmert advised and let lieberman and bennett take care of matters.

iin any case,both you and your wife will be indicted without a doubt, 100%.

only a military moron would congratulate soldiers at the beginning of an encounter.
11. Chief Ashkenazi rabbi: Now we have enough blood for Pessach
Johnathan M. Dunbar ,   Austin, Texas   (04.01.18)
12. gaza marchers
LEO RETTIG   (05.08.18)
it is odd to me that so many Marchers are young or teen aged or in their early twenties that march.Don't they go to school or work or have other responsibilities/IT'S ALSO ODD TRHAT israelist -Palestinians aren't identifying.Maybe living inISRAEL with schools,hoispitals.automobiles,employment voting rights etc. worfk for them.The average age went from49 years to 75 years 1948 till 2010.iI wonder where are all these marchers housed,fed,clothed and cared for.are the Marchers the same Hamas disciples.It'sd also odd that you never mention that Israel is home to 1,600,000 Palistinians.Just consider their life-style with with ARAB MARCHERS A ND POPULATION.aren't you at a loss to explain how your enemy allows life-style compared to your rulers give to fellow Arrabs,.you have made yourNachbar into a death slogan,The iudea is toi live productively,finding peace here on earth.Seventy two virgins aren't all there. For 70 years you've sacrificed a generation to words that have enriched your kleaders.Don't be deceived withmarchers for 6 weeks.ISRAEL IS NOT Syria,,but they aren't fooled by this HAMAS PLOY THAT COSTS THEM LITTLE.WHILE YOU 12YEAR AND UP CITIZENS ARE LEFT TO DO THE TRAGIC SCREAMING.How sad. thank you.
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