Meretz leader Zandberg calls for inquiry into Gaza border deaths
Moran Azulay
Published: 31.03.18, 18:01
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FO ,   Belgium   (03.31.18)
I would rather request an urgent inquiry into the classified past of your predecessor, the Hashomer Hazaïr that was a harsh opponent of the creation of a Jewish state, as presented on a golden plate by the League of Nations. Even at the Biltmore Conference in New York at the start of Hitler's Final Solution, the Hashomer Hatsaïr delegate refused by all means a request to the allied powers for an immediate creation of a Jewish state. The unforgivable refusal of a Jewish state since the early twenties brought upon the Jewish people the biggest catastrophe of its history, the Shoah! This inquiry should be a priority and not your shameful demand that could harm Israel’s security!
2. Ynet deceiving readers by referring to executions as
Mark Jackobson ,   Tulsa, Oklahoma   (03.31.18)
3. Meretz, HAMAS, the PLO & the Arab List vs.
NadavKatz   (03.31.18)
the State of Israel.
4. we need an examination
ronen katz   (03.31.18)
I call for a psychological examination of Tamar Zandberg.

What a sick pupy.
5. Is Sandberg for real or what?
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (03.31.18)
This is not 1970 where we can all stroll down to the Gaza Strip in our kaftans throwing flowers over the fence and singing " we shall over come"
A lot of water has gone under the bridge since Meretz or Rats or what ever you want to call them were anything closely resembling a political party- Al Quaida- Isis- 9/11- terrorist attacks in London,Madrid,Barcelona- a Palestinian leadership that will only be content when every Israeli is dead and this woman wants to make sure we didn't do anything wrong and satisfy the UN.
She's living in cloud cuckoo land!

6. As always the cancer
Phoenix   (03.31.18)
Meretz the cancer the enemy within. The left friend of all the terrorists grinds of all that’s sgsinst Israel
7. Respectfully Israel has the right to secure border!
8. Right, investigate the IDF, not Hamas!
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.31.18)
Let's see.... Hamas urges tens of thousands of mostly young men to approach the border, knowing full well that Israel must prevent any breach of the fence. Israel warns repeatedly to keep away and yet they still come.

The IDF does not need to be investigated. That a dozen or so that were killed shows the restraint that was used by Israel. We all know that a 1 kilo rock sling-shotted at IDF troops can kill, just as IEDs can, and have in the past. The IDF cannot allow anyone to get close to the fence.

Good fences make good neighbors. 'Neighbors' trying to break through the fence are not good neighbors, and sometimes get shot as a result of their own foolhardy antics.

Would Hamas welcome 30,000 Israelis walking into Gaza? I don't think so.
9. The one who support the killing of civilians who needs that
Ali ,   Ramallah   (03.31.18)
The one who support the killing of civilians who in the who needs psychological examination.
10. There goes a Unicorn
Ralph ,   Houston   (03.31.18)
Put the Meretz party officials on the border with Gaza and let them share their homes with Hamas. Pretty easy to call for an investigation from N. Tel Aviv.
I guess you will not find many Meretz supporters in Sderot. Yeah, just another concession or two and peace will blossom all over the Middle East. Wait, I just noticed a Unicorn.
11. Zandberg knows that she’s crossed the point if no return,
So the only way for her& her party is down, into disgrace and infamy.
12. Investigate Meretz and Zandberg for role in violent riots
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (04.01.18)
13. Who needs HAMAS when you got Meretz?
The Word ,   Londonistan, UK   (04.01.18)
14. How numerous is Meretz? How ill is Israeli society?
leo ,   usa   (04.01.18)
15. Tamar Z. Déjà vu!
Lucifer69   (04.01.18)
Your party will be erased next election.
16. educated Zandberg learned nothing from h istory
morton   (04.01.18)
zandberg has a law degree, and working towards a ph.d. she is well educated. yet she is blind to history.

olmert, one of israel's weakest pm ever offered abbas everthing, more than any sane israeli would offer. he did not accept it,. no peace is ever possible.

and from wwll, israel knows it has to control its own borders and not share it with anyone. condo arrangements in jerusalem and jordan valley would never work.

zandberg like herzog is big on theories.

zohar of hamas accurately said peace is possible only if jews return to poland or usa. end of story.

6 million died for zandberg to utter such rubbish on gaza
17. Zandberg is wrong. Jews have the right to spell blood for ..
Chuck House ,   Bloomington, Indiana   (04.01.18)
18. That nasty woman is the twin sister of Zoabi, with Hebrew as
mother tongue!
19. Meretz is the political wing of Hamas in Hebrew language!
20. Meretz represents the only genuine hope that would save
Miriam Kershenbaum ,   Rishon, Israel   (04.01.18)
Israelis from the claws of Jewish Nazism which we see today!
21. Meretz has lost its soul. Members of Hashomer Hatzair will
NadavKatz   (04.01.18)
not forget & forgive this Meretz's inhumane policy
22. tamar zandberg
annie ,   jerisalem   (04.01.18)
Tamar , I am left but U are wrong .Should we have invited those masses to drink coffee with us in Rothschild ?Stop dreaming ..
23. Meretz is an abomination in our history, but unfortunately
Quislings were invented long before that Norwegian gentleman gave the phenomenon its name.
24. Meretz will never learn.
steve ,   beersheva   (04.01.18)
By asking for this enquiry Meretz has lost most of the floating left vote. It seems they are happy to be the party of just the cute Tel Aviv set .
Gabai lost the left them when he said that they have forgotten to be Jews. It seems that Lapid will harvest the non right vote now - as long as he keeps his mouth shut!!!
25. zandenberg wants arab voters
zionist forever   (04.02.18)
Meretz has debated recently if they should continue to define themselves as a zionist party and at the 2015 election they wanted to run under the Joint List umbrella but the arab parties at the time refused to allow Meretz to join them.
Now the party is trying to look more and more anti zionist in an attempt to get arab votes and probably join the Joint List umbrella next time round as this is the only way they can get a significant number of seats because outside Tel Aviv nobody votes Meretz in significant numbers so now the piolicy seems to be appeal to the arab rather than Jewish leftist voters because there are not enough of them.
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