Report: Israeli stealth jets flew over Iran
Smadar Perry
Published: 31.03.18, 21:40
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1. Israel Center for Consciousness Operations... PSYOPS
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (03.31.18)
ISRAEL finds itself constantly under siege, with impending threats by it's Arab neighbours with continuous guerilla attacks by groups seeking it's (Israel's) eradication and downfall. PSYOPS plays an important part in the military strategy - not only in deterring it's enemies but importantly in terms of justifying it's constant state of readiness and pre-emptive attack policies. both internally to it's citizens and internationally. Morale amongst it's own population is essential and promoting a positive press is paramount in retaining popular international support. This makes the role of certain units very interesting and doubly important. Within the IDF the Military Intelligence apparatus is predominant. The IDF Intelligence Corps is specifically tasked with the role to:

To develop the disinformation sector, and guide its activities, to arrange disinformation activities, and execute them.

To plan, develop and execute psychological warfare.

To define the operating procedure of information censorship.
2. My impostor Riad Alg will claim that Iran has same right
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.31.18)
to do to Israel.

Let them try and see what happens to any Iranian incursion over Israel skies.

The downing of their drone was only a small example of that
3. Most likely Israel does weekly or more often such flights
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (03.31.18)
In addition to that Israel has satellites in space that continuously gather intelligence on Iran.
4. Israel stealth fighters will bomb Shia nuclear sites to dust
C   (03.31.18)
the genocidal shia terror regime can count its days.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (04.01.18)
Mullahs. Paid for by the poor people of Iran, of course! And I’m sure some EU bank is going to see a great deposit very very soon.
6. About to have many more Iranian cabbies in NYC.
Lod Cud ,   Londonistan, UK   (04.01.18)
7. its doubtful this happened
zionist forever   (04.01.18)
It is unlikely this is the case because there is a risk that the plane will get detected and shot down potentially loosing plane & pilot. Also if there was an operation in the planning once the Iranians know that Israeli F35s penetrated their airspace they would boost their defenses making it harder to do anything.
The F35 cannot get to Iran and back without refueling so that involves the use of tankers which increases the risk of detection.
Last but not least how does a Kuwati newspaper know this?
8. IAF! THE best little air force in the whole wide world!
9. If you believe that, I have a ski chalet North of Riyadh...
IranMan   (04.01.18)
to sell.
10. Funny.
Gabe ,   Canada   (04.02.18)
Tehran's silence is deafening lately.
11. Even more interesting and scary to Iran was the fact
Mashdi   (04.14.18)
that the first plane was piloted by Jared Kushner & MBS, the two juveniles and the second one was flown by Nathanyaho and Adelson. The second plane being heavier and full of hot air had to refuel so they stopped by, undercover, to refuel in Tehran and have some Iranian snacks of potaschio.
Even more amazing was the proof of the new technology, where the aircrafts were catapult into air rather requiring and long runway. Is noteworthy this latest development of the technology is attributed to Donald as it was a pneumatic catapult, fired and activated by hot air curtesy Don. So everyone wins and Nathanyaho finally gets a chance to pay a visit to Tehran and have mesmerizing Iranian pistachio..
12. A response to Jace McAdams above
Jace McAdams ,   Jace McAdams   (05.11.18)
Dear Jace McAdams
Just a gentle reminder that it is the ruling Ayatollas of Tehran that threaten Israel with annihallation twice a week, not the other way around. They even have a countdown clock in Tehran to the destruction of Israel. So who is the war monger here?? It's ok, I don't expect a hipocrite like you to truly understand. Anyway, if and when they manage to do what they want, do you really think they will stop there??
Something for you to think about ...
13. F35 flew over the cuckoo's nest
Anatoli Yanovski ,   Haifa   (05.13.18)
Kooks got spooked.
14. I could do the same in my Piper Tomahawk!
David ,   Hartford USA   (09.03.18)
When Iran rolls out its world-class homegrown state-of-the-art fight jet and it happens to be a 60 year old American design, I think we know that Iran is all talk and little substance.

This is old intelligence from EU sources: Israel AND American planes have been flying over Iran for a decade. A Decade. Not often, just enough to keep tabs on the clowns. Iranians using Russian equipment means no defenses to speak of. Bibi and Putin know the score: they let Iranian leaders blab their mouths off knowing that Putin has given Israel everything it needs to defeat Iran if it ever became a shooting war.

Iranians are the neighborhood idiots- they talk and talk while everyone else sits back, roll their eyes and smile.

Too bad Bibi needs to spend so much time keeping up this charade, but that's 90 percent of foreign affairs.
15. m
moishe   (04.22.19)
superior US planes and IDF pilots. inferior Russian defence system.
16. Iran playing with fire
Jersey Prophet   (05.13.19)
If the UAE investigators can pin the "sabotage" of two or more oil tankers on Iran, the mullahs will have a lot more than a failing economy to worry about. The B52s are already airborne.
17. fake newz and lies coordinated with Kuwait
ironbutterfly   (06.21.19)
Obviously fake report
18. Mid air refueling
BuffaloMFGetdown ,   Houston   (12.07.19)
I thought they, the Israelis needed to be refueled mid air cause the round trip is above the range of the f35 turkey fighter?!
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