Israel holds bodies of Gaza terrorists killed Friday
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy and Matan Tzuri
Published: 01.04.18, 15:09
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1. Hapless efforts by murderous Jews to cover up massacre
Mark Jackobson ,   Tulsa, Oklahoma   (04.01.18)
I think the Gestapo and SS had more humanity and more hobnesty than the Jewish wehrmacht. Shame on you murderers.
2. First we murdered them in cold blood, now we lie to cover up
Miriam Kershenbaum ,   Rishon, Israel   (04.01.18)
the crime. Shame on Jewish Nazism1
3. I am shocked by the magnitude of Jewish crimes against
Are Strylcen ,   Oslo   (04.01.18)
innocent civilians
4. Prime specimen of a shahid. More please!
5. Burn the body
Julius#1 ,   Baltimore, USA   (04.01.18)
When somebody is that ugly we have to get rid of any trace of them.
6. The Gaza circus had to be managed
Cameron   (04.01.18)
Those behaving particularly badly & crossing lines were dropped.

Barbarians push, and the heavy hand is forced.
7. We are all Hamas today, Gaza concentration camp a war crime
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (04.01.18)
Everyone has the right to be bloddy ugly ,but Masab Salul abused that right....
Helps to keeps the flies off the matzah....
10. Are,Miriam and mark- these are members of the military wing
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (04.01.18)
of Hamas- you have neither been to Gaza or the west bank and have no idea what is happening - your idiotic remarks solve nothing but fuel any discourse or tension already existing.Words like magnitude and massacre show your ignorance of facts on the ground - you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but it your case it would appear you can fool ALL of the people ALL of the time.
11. History repeats itself
befare ,   Sweden   (04.01.18)
What happened in Warsaw Ghetto is now happening in Gaza Ghetto.
12. Noar 10: you are slaughtering innocent people en mass,
Graham Usher ,   Manchester   (04.01.18)
idiot, and you want us to keep silent.! We gave you a state. We didn't know you would become a Nazi entity par excellance.
13. To #11, a history lesson....
David ,   Hartford USA   (04.01.18)
History is not repeating itself as the two cannot be compared as equal. The Warsaw ghetto was walled off as a way of making it easier for the Nazis to collect harmless non-combatant Jews for deportation to death camps.

Gaza is walled off by both Israel and Egypt because the residents are pledged to terrorist activities against them. The Jews in the Warsaw ghetto weren't terrorists, killing anyone they could get in range of their weapons. The residents of Gaza, as proven by years of mortar and rocket attacks, sniping at anyone near the fence, and by planting IEDs and digging tunnels into Israel, are a real danger to Egypt and Israel.

Gaza is a caged rabid dog. The Jews of the ghetto were caged docile rabbits. The fact that Gazans brought weapons to a 'peaceful' demonstration shows the fallacy of your argument.

That you somehow can even make the comparison shows your breathtakingly shallow knowledge of today's situation.

There are a few old adages that you may want to think over. "Place brain in gear before opening mouth" and "Keep your mouth shut so people will only think you're stupid, instead of opening it and removing all doubt."

14. We celebrate Passover while Hamas celebrates death- again.
BBB   (04.01.18)
Don't be too concerned over the 'worlds' condemnation of Israel protecting her borders.
The 'world' was silent when 6 million European Jews were exterminated.
The war on Jews is directed by Satan in hopes no live Jew will pray to the Only G-d, the G-d of Israel.
This war was begun with Moses.
And it isn't over yet.
Take heart, G-d chose Israel above all nations and ONLY Israel was reborn from the ashes of over 2,000 years in exile.
We shall not lose what G-d has promised.
15. # 8 What's 'bloddy ugly?
BBB   (04.01.18)
anywhere near butt ugly?
16. Speak for yourself Oh Muslim.
Gaza was a prize given to the Pals who like most trailer trash Muslims made Gaza into a filthy pit.
17. Oh Whoopy! Another rush of fools waiting to go to hell
at the border with Israel.
They must be right, hell has plenty of room for Gazan's.
Robert ,   Isrfael   (04.01.18)
For what the Occidental world knows, Iranians and Turks, since ancient times have always specialized in "BRUTALLY MASSACRING" people; even their own people; their own brothers in faith. They are "Master teachers", excuse me, they are "Master professors" in the "art" of decapitating, in the art of throwing gay Muslims from the top of buildings, in the art of stoning and violating women, children and men too. And Turks and Iranians dare to condemn what is going on with brainwashed Palestinians that are pushed to confront the Jewish army and be killed.
19. Have You Lost your Mind
mordekhai abitbol ,   PARIS   (04.01.18)
Most of the people killed are Terrorists from the Haas and other terrorist organizations. You Do not know really what Nazism was
You are an Ignorant and a Stupid Guy
lazerbenabba ,   London England   (04.01.18)
Surely you realise that the few comments by alleged jewish residents of Israel purporting to be shocked by the so called crimes of killing Hamas operatives hiding within the morons with sligshots at the border.....are in fact hackers of the Gaza Hamas brigade slandering the right to protect the Jewish state.
Plus that absolute pillock Jacobson from Tulsa who would not know a Nazi if it bit him on the rear end.
21. A murderous army lies as often as breathes
Amnon Livinger ,   Tel Aviv   (04.01.18)
Our army is a Gestapo-like army. I am not proud of it.
22. I think we should take their organs for transplant
Mordechai Abitbol ,   Haifa   (04.01.18)
According to Halacha, it is perfectly permissible to kill a non-Jew (e.g. a Christian or Muslim) in order to use his or her organs for transplant for Jews. Jewish life is paramount whereas the life of a non-Jews is not so important.
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