Bernie Sanders says doesn't believe Israel on Gaza
Published: 02.04.18, 10:04
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David ,   New York City   (04.02.18)
New Yorker at heart, very left-wing, "Jewish." BETACH!
2. I am sorry but why was Sanders interviewed and
larry ,   Or yehuda   (04.02.18)
why should we care what he said.
3. Faith and believing just sometimes doesnt work...
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (04.02.18)
The Idf has evidence of terrorist bodies in the mortuary and pictures to proof that idf doesnt just shoot unless for defensive purpose only.
4. Assimilated Jews have produced the worst Jew Haters
DangerAssimilatedJew ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.02.18)
The worst can be found in the new testament Paul aka Saul
the laundry list of vicious assimilated and Self hating "Jewish" Jew
Haters is long and sad and has led to the destruction of untold Jewish Communities throughout history as they say" there is nothing worse than a reformed drunk"
5. Bernie doesn't believe......who cares?
tiki ,   belgium   (04.02.18)
The guy is entitled to his opinion from far away Vermont.
6. bernie sanders
victor ,   london   (04.02.18)
7. Bernie - you need to live in area b4 you can give opinion !
barbara ,   Haifa   (04.02.18)
8. Sanders equals Donald for Putin
Avi L.   (04.02.18)
Sanders equals Donald in Putin's strategy.

They both undermine West's existence.

Putin when giving free rein to his hacker and social manipulators he instructed not to harm Sanders and Donald, guess why
9. Ah, good ole Bernie still kicking?
Cameron   (04.02.18)
Our tired Vermont hippy relic.

Thought that worn out old buzzard & Liberal Saint had been put permanently up on the shelf.

10. Boiny was always the radical Vermont putz and will be
AL   (04.02.18)
Till the days he closes his demented and delusional eyes....nothibg to see here.
Mr Sanders may indeed be right ,Israel may indeed have overreacted in its response to violent rioting on its border with Gaza . I am certain Israel would have preferred thsi whole situation had never happened ,not the rioting and not the subsequent deaths. However, neither Bernie Sanders nor yours truly were there at the border at the time, so I prefer to reserve judgement as I was nowhere near the zone of conflict.
It is of course always easy and facile to be an " armchair critic" but less easy to be in a dangerous zone in a tense situation. Perhaps these israelisoldiers were trigger happy ,or perhaps they merely wished to return home that day alive and well and not to be slaughtered ?
12. Yeah Right Bernie - let them march peacefully all the way to
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (04.02.18)
Tel Aviv you will personally welcome them
13. Very non relevant opinion from a former....nobody.
14. Mr. Sanders - Please Check Your Facts
Addam Berger ,   Mitzpe Yericho   (04.02.18)
I think Mr. Sanders is correct. The Gazan people do deserve a better life. However, he is misguided on a number of fronts. First, these were not non violent protests (check the video of the two Palestinians opening fire on Israeli troops . Two, if Hamas would have taken the millions that they have been putting into terror tunnels and the event itself and invested it into their own people the peoples' lives would be better. And lastly, the U.S, recognizing the major humanitarian crisis in Gaza, just a couple of weeks ago did hold a summit to talk about how to ease the situation in Gaza. In attendance were the U.S and various Arab countries and yes even Israel! Low and behold the only entity not represented were the Palestinians. Not because they weren't invited, but because they refused to come. Mr. Sanders conveniently omits these facts and panders to those who would believe that the blame for all the Palestinians problems rests upon Israel. It's time for Mr. Sanders to wake up. Israel is NOT perfect, but no country is. Regardless of how Mr. Sanders thinks perhaps he should state facts before criticizing.
15. Director
Amnoon Mirzoeff ,   Belgium   (04.02.18)
Mr.Sanders It Seems You Are Totally Ignorant Or You Are Acting With Stupidity
Better For You To Take Care Of Your Own Country Which Daily Killings Of Young Innocent People. And Most Of All You Bloody Well Bullying Israel As You Cannot Cannot Bully Like Syria, Irag Afghanistan ISIS Fighting For So Many Years And Israel Fighting For Survival Of Their Population From Terrorist Hamas And Palestinian It Is Advisable Don't interfior In The Matter Of Israel . It Is Better For You To ZIP Your Ugly Mouth
16. A Righteous Jew, he was the best candidate for US President
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (04.02.18)
He came to Duluth, and the crowds were so large, and traffic was so bad, that many were not able to attend his speech.
17. Bernie is a flake
Israel Watchdog ,   Akko   (04.02.18)
Snow flake Bernie is all about love, peace and sharing. Israel doesn’t have to protect itself. Just speak nicely to the Hamas terrorists I’m sure they will come over for a cup of mud ð゚ルト. Ernie should be put directly on the border fence and call out for a friendly handshake. Or let him take a stroll down one of the tunnels to share some java. Freak...
18. He things Israel overreacted. Yet another weakling from US
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (04.02.18)
I am wondering how many low performing politicians can the US political elite absorb before the whole country collapses.
Where ever you look, they seem to live in a virtual world disassociated from the real life.

19. The Screwdrivers
G. Adams ,   Belfast UK   (04.02.18)
Zandberg, Sanders...
There is not best bastards to screw Jews than Jewish bastards!
20. Gaza has to decide if they want to learn to accept the truth
Jay ,   Brooklyn   (04.02.18)
Israeli civilians are not monsters and stealers of land...They are half of the Partition of Palestine Secured by the UN.
The matter of Palestinians leaving or forced off their land is no relevant.

Today Hamas wants to destroy another state(Israel)

It doesnt have the power to kill every jew

So it sends peaceful civilians as cover for their strike teams to kill isrealis

Hamas usually fails and this is the fault of Israelis knowing the arab is coming to kill you

The muslim/arabin the mideast is the last vestige of Naziism.

Where did the nazis go for refuge...Cairo and Damascus....

These two nations are more respectable than Jews who were and continue to be maligned by these nations
21. Surely MORE than17 Black people were killed in USA on Friday
Alan   (04.02.18)
22. Crazy Jews
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (04.02.18)
This cracker "Fake Jew" wouldn't even make a good converso in a history book.
23. He also believes in Socialism, no one cares what he believes
Mark ,   Boston   (04.02.18)
I am sure glad that this senile old Communist didn't get elected, not that he had a chance. Who cares what he believes? Some people believe in Unicorns, others believe that earth is flat. Beliefs don't matter, tact's do.
24. Jews can not carry out massacres in Gaza and expect love in.
Andre Azuly ,   Paris   (04.02.18)
25. Poor ol' Bernie
When the 'world' remembers how they let 6 million European Jews be exterminated by the Nazis and Europe then perhaps the 'world' can make more of an effort to save the jihadists and their offspring that Hamas and the PA use routinely as live bait as their parents cheer knowing they'll get a retirement plan paid by the sick sh*ts who use them as jackasses?
Na, face it no one shivs a git about these ignorant deadly savages.
BBB   (04.02.18)
Are you nucking futs? Ol' senile Bernie is a Communist ass h*le.
But, then, so are you.
27. # 8 Oh please if you get any more delusional call a Dr.
Bernie's too senile to know where he is.
28. This is why I cringe when Jews are in power - as a Jew
29. Bernie spread blood libel about Israel killing 10,000s evil
Bernie has an evil ideology which includes narrative over fact. He feels something so it must be reality. We dont need Jews like him better any enemy we know. He spreads lies about Israel and its people which by definition is anti-Semitic. And yes you can be a Jew-hater and a Jew.
30. dictionary corner Bernie look up violent riot
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