Over 200,000 Israelis tour the country during Passover
Gilad Carmeli
Published: 02.04.18, 16:26
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1. Israel the original G-ds country.
BBB   (04.02.18)
Enjoy her beauty.
2. Admission: I've never hated Israel and Jews as I do now
Yacov Ben David ,   Jerusalem   (04.03.18)
We are an evil people, a shitty country
3. The myth of Passover,
A, RightHere   (04.03.18)
and the the "Fake Jew" occupier of Palestine. These white matzah crackers were never enslaved in Egypt but do occupy the Land of Canaan.
4. The barbarians were celebrating the slaughter of Pal childre
Sharon Itzek ,   Tel Aviv   (04.03.18)
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