Facing backlash, PM Netanyahu reneges on Israel-UN deal on asylum seekers
Ynet reporters, Reuters
Published: 02.04.18, 23:44
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1. Our nation is leaderless @70! we are lost!
2. how many died for this?
3. "La donna รจ mobile!" (The woman is fickle!)
Who is leading this country? A man or a woman?
4. Netanyahu at his best: playing with people's lives!
...and why shouldn't he play with the lives of foreigners after all to him every single one of us living here in Israel are just here to be his cannon fodder!
it is way beyond time to vote this man out of office!
5. Another Reason to Be Ashamed
David Miltier ,   Kibbutz Gat   (04.03.18)
Netanyahu in his flip flop over asylum seekers has just given Israelis another reason to be ashamed - not only because of Israel's policies but because of such a spineless prime minister. What a farce. Bibi should be ashamed
of having humiliated the country and of having made a laughing stock of us.
6. The Endless Chocolate Flood almost got ya
Cameron   (04.03.18)
Saved by the skin a yer teeth ye were.

So close.
7. What are the fake Jewish names that crazy Julius will have?
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (04.03.18)
8. And then we wonder why/how come, Sweden have committed
national suicide.
They are much, much more naive & gullible than us!
But us, Israelis????!!!!
9. israel first, the UN can resettle refugees in arab countrie
moe   (04.03.18)
for those refugees who stay, train them in hebrew and israeli history, then induct them into the idf.
10. bibi negotiate with which country exactly???
tomer ,   jerusalem   (04.03.18)
netanyahu is losing it .On all fronts.
Latest example : the african refugees.
with which countries did PM have an areement. Italy and germany do not
know anything about it.
Netanyahu is completely losing it. Even faster than trump.
Pls.step down before you become a complete joke.
11. Israel's business is not Useless Nations' business
C   (04.03.18)
the illegal migrants violated the laws on refugee status.

refugees are expected to seek asylum in the first country which they
reach. in this case, it was egypt.

the sovereign jewish state of israel does not have the obligation
to accommodate fifty thousand illegal migrants.

the europeans are sending back migrants from lybia to their
own countries with one way tickets.
lybia was selling migrants in slave markets for $400-500.
the useless nation have not uttered a single word about
slave markets in lybia.
12. Europe is doing that for years.......
tiki ,   belgium   (04.03.18)
but quietly!
13. Don't we have eneogh of our own criminals + mafia ?
barbara ,   Haifa   (04.03.18)
Sure, families of the illegals should stay - as their behavior leans toward
decent survival. All the single men are a disturbance to society. And we have enough of our own giving problems to society, as is.

Deport all illegals that are not family connected and transfer others to outside the cities.
14. The land of israel.
Michael ,   Raanana   (04.03.18)
The land of Israel is for the Jewish people only and not the refuse of the world.
15. The "state" of Israel and,,,
A, RightHere   (04.03.18)
The "Fake Jew" Euro-Amero crackers in their "human trafficking" schemes brought these negroes to Israel in the 1rst place. Private subsidized detention centers proved unprofitable unlike the US's private white owned prisons. This is a backfire, a backlash that won't go away. $38,000,000,000, US dollars only goes so far.
16. Likud a nationalist party !? What a joke
LikudAsABadJoke ,   Jerusalem   (04.03.18)
Almost 20 years on power
1. Not One major Pro Zionist TV news
Channel or presenter
2 Almost no Jewish settlement in
Historic Jewish East Jerusalem
Whose kidding who
The Likud is Meretz in another dress
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