In latest volte-face, PM nixes UN-migrants deal
Ynet writers
Published: 03.04.18, 13:18
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1. Now Israel has to revoke 16,000 work permits
A ,   RightHere   (04.03.18)
of the "palestinian" enemy and give them to the Africans.
2. yeah, well... once a populist always a populist.
doda   (04.03.18)
as ususal doing things the way he thinks will benefit him the most
:-( :-( :-(
3. Here is the easiest way to solve the problem
Avi Israeli ,   Tel-Aviv   (04.03.18)
Let's try a little social experiment. All in the name of doing good and being more humanitarian than the UN.

Have the Knesset pass a law requiring employers to pay double the minimum wage to all illegal migrants. Any migrant who is paid less can file a complaint and send his employer to prison for a minimum sentence of one year. The employer will also have to pay huge fines for breaking the law.

Of course, this experiment won't last very long. It will prove that these demonstrations are political in nature and the motives of keeping illegal migrants in Israel are purely economic.

At 57 NIS an hour, of course no one will employ them. Without work, they would voluntarily leave Israel for countries with better economic opportunities.

Bon Voyage.
4. lapid herzog and gabbay
martin   (04.03.18)
this is why you cannot vote for any of these osloist john kerry asskissers. they cannot think outside thebox. herzog says how dare we reject an international agreement. to hell with the agreement, israel has to do what is in israel's interest. refugees can settle elsewhere insome of the rotten human rights council countries. herzog is a weakling.

lapid is as dumb as he appeared in charlie rose interview. a deciple of the crooked olmert, he is simply meretz warmed over. iisrael has no room to settle refugees except jewish ones period. that is what the the state is for.

gabbay is correct that bibi is a weakling, but gabbay is no saint-he cannot divest himself of oslo and offers con cesssion before the ink is dry.

israel has no room to give, needs jordan valley border, and cannot accept an arab state sitting on the coastal plain. anyone who doesn't understand this willbring more terrror to israel. israel has no room to take hordes in, and no room to give.

bennett, leiberman feiglin would be much better than bibi who commando gino described in less flattering terms realitve to his brother. bibi's fahter should have booted him up the rear end to force him to make clear cut decisions for israel. instead he waffles and sweats and makes dumb decisions like apologizing to erdogan. how stupid was that??????
5. united human rights council and herzog
jeff   (04.03.18)
what has the rotten human rights council of the UN done for israel but make trouble. as for refugee agency, it ccan go to hell, are you listening gutierrez. let others take in the refugees. go to damascus or egypt or iraq.s tay out of israel.

as for dershowits,a overrated legal pundit who is wrong on almost everything, he also can go to hell.

herzog told bibi to quit.he has a point. but first he has to quit. he sweats over giving a speech, he is totally disconnected like peres was. herzog runs for the hills at every terror event.

as for the idf, get ready, gazans are bring mirrors to blind snipers, and burning tires at the next figure out ways and be ready.
6. Every illegal must go! Period.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.03.18)
Israel is the sole tiny Homeland of the Jewish people. We can help the unfortunate with donations and other assistance. But we can't, and MUST NOT TRY, to accommodate the endless millions of disadvantaged people throughout Africa and the world. Only legal and meritorious people should be allowed Israeli residency and/or citizenship. Every illegal must go! Period.
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