Netanyahu struggling to find new, legal solution for Africans
Tova Tzimuki, Moran Azulay
Published: 03.04.18, 22:03
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1. ignore all foreign elements and most importantly, ignore HCJ
C   (04.03.18)
the sovereignty of the jewish state cannot be destroyed by enemies.
2. Nestor Pistor, FB
C   (04.03.18)
there are many more illegals than are acknowledged.
John ,   Sacramento   (04.04.18)
4. Tell Merkel if she doesn't take them all we will send
Joseph ,   USA   (04.04.18)
Them to Libya. I heard Hillary Clinton made it a slave buyers market. Maybe we will get 3000 a piece instead of paying sand amount yo ship them out. Yes I'm being sarcastic.
5. Illegals must go & so must the abominable leftist High Court
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.04.18)
The leftist High Court can almost always be relied upon to make horrible decisions which endanger and weaken Israel. An overwhelming majority of Israelis understand the need to keep illegals out of our sole tiny Homeland. Israeli laws should reflect the sanity and common sense of the majority. The illegals must all go and so must the abominable High Court in its present form. Patriots should DEMAND both!
6. Tomorrow jews can be in their situation.NOTHING is permanent
ironbutterfly ,   Naples, FL   (04.04.18)
jews been in similar situation MANY MANY times before in the last 3000 years.
Remember, history repeats. It's not only might happen. It WILL HAPPEN again to jews.
And then WHO will help you ????
and WHERE would you go ????
Israeli government must ask itself the same questions, learn the history, and think think think really hard to answer.
7. Jews care only about Jews, then wonder why world hates them
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (04.04.18)
8. The whole situation is completely out
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (04.04.18)
Of hand.not only are the number of illegals higher than published to add to this there are hundreds of foreign workers who overstay their visas plus tourists who stay after their three months tourist visa expires.Add to this people who become pregnant and the number of children born to illegals and workers and the whole situation becomes a nightmare.Israel cannot absorb this- people must be returned to their country of origin - it would happen yo you or me if we overstayed our visas- as for those seeking asylem- there is a proper way to to it.the majority of illegals are seeking work and would move on to Europe or the west if given the opportunity.
9. African invaders are destroying Israel
Phoenix   (04.04.18)
Israel is not what it was before all these savages from Africa came. They have destroyed the food quality of our lives with all their crime. They all must go! They and all that belongs them! Get out of our land!
10. What if...
a reader ,   Israel   (04.04.18)
...The Prime Minister made up with this whole crisis in order to shift the news media away from the various investigations and in order to yet again attack the Left?
Far fetched? May-be

But then take into account the fact that Deri is involved. (You know Deri, he of HaTargil HaMasriach)
But then take into account that the investigations keep turning up new information.
But then take into account that the ONLY way a wife-beating can keep his wife is to turn her against everyone who might be able to help her.
But then take into account that Meretz recently had primaries and have a new leader.
11. Steve Benassi- is Duluth short for
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (04.04.18)
dumb and uncouth- no country will take in this amount of illegals - we understand already that your only reason to mouth off on this site is to knock Israel- every country is up to their neck in illegals or foreign workers- by knocking Israel they can ignore their own governments failings.
12. damn weakling
ron   (04.04.18)
netanyahu asked Russia according to reports that it would guarantee Iran leave Syria at some point. bibi always looks for others to do Israel's work for it. bibi would never give the order to wipe out Iranian forces next to russia's base in Syria.

because bibi is scared stiff with his own bad experiences of being shot twice in the idf, it doesn't mean that the rest of the idf is scared. no, bibi is a minority of those scared along with herzog, livni and most of ynet and haaretz. so bibi always looks to others to please save poor Israel. he undermines Israeli deterrence as he appears so weak. it is non correctable as this is too long standing.

in contrast, Lieberman is not scared and holds his strategy in Gaza in spite of protests from left groups, hamas and plo,the UN and of course the European appeasers. bibi would have already made concessions if he was running the Gaza front;he is not. Lieberman has control and likely told bibi to stay out of it.

the cat is out of the bag. bibi will have to step down when he is indicted. Lieberman bennett, feiglin , barkat and saar can compete for a new govt. bibi is finished as he is exposed as a spineless coward.
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