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Gaza protests driven by desperation, Hamas organization
Associated Press
Published: 05.04.18, 23:54
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1. Hamas gassing its own people with toxic tire fumes?
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (04.06.18)
Charge the fence under cover of smoke from burning tires?
Surely Hamas understands that those charging the fence will suffer from the toxic gasses that burning tires emit and won’t reach the fence before collapsing?
If the wind changes direction and blows the gas into Gaza then what?
This is the most stupid tactic ever and will go down in history as one of the biggest Arab blunders ever - and there are many
2. Yet another gift for our insane flight from Gaza...
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.06.18)
Israel has received so many gifts for fleeing Gaza. Endless wars, terror, thousands of rockets pointed at us... Now we are receiving yet another gift for our insane flight form Gaza: Endless violent protests and infiltration attempts. Aren't you glad we fled Gaza? NOT!

It's about time Israel realized that almost ALL our serious problems are direct results of Israeli concessions and retreats. We need to reverse all the concessions and retreats. How many more Israelis do "Palestinians" have to maim and murder before we start treating them as the mortal foes they are?
3. Ynet is distorting AP report, Ap never said "Islamic reorts
Carmela Minache ,   Tel Aviv   (04.06.18)
4. OK for Arabs to live in concentration camp, but not Jews
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (04.06.18)
Semitism is Racism... Jewish dominated media in USA ignores fact that Gaza is a concentration camp, Palestinians have the right to return to their homes, Israel is committing war crimes.
5. Week two of Pal hunting is upon us
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (04.06.18)
Hopefully, the retriever/gun dogs will be kept very busy.
6. As if in 1944 the Germans were complaining about their
"desperate" situation because of the "Nazis"....
The Gazans ARE Hamas, so quit BS'itting!
Robert ,   Israel   (04.06.18)
Gazans' miseries are the consequence of their terrorist Hamas rulers actions.
Gazans main problem doesn't come from the "outside" but it comes from "inside" their strip. That is something they have to learn. Until then, they will keep suffering.
Gaza has three "entrance and exit doors". One is in the Israeli side, the other is on their Egyptian side and the third is on their sea side. All of them are blocked because of Hamas terrorist attitude. Even Egypt, their Muslim neighbor country keeps them away from their border because Hamas constitutes a pain in the neck for Egypt too.
Let's hope it will come the day the people of Gaza will open their eyes and see what is the real reason for they are suffering so much.
8. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (04.06.18)
very sad that a people have to be held hostage by a gang of thugs who have kept these people in desperate conditions for generations. when will they wake up to the truth about their leadership? how much could have been achieved with a decent leadership. very sad. Israel loses too as they have to live with this state that promotes aggression.
9. insulting a stupid donkey......
tiki ,   belgium   (04.06.18)
But even stupid donkey's don't make the same mistake twice....."Palestinians" keep repeating them.

10. Yeah right
Rami ,   Helsinki   (04.06.18)
Israel left Gaza, you voted for Hamas and now you are in trouble. I guess somebody else is to blame as always. PLO isn't any better. Abbas teaches them the same things behind close doors.
11. #1 Pals are never accused of being smart.
BBB   (04.06.18)
12. # 2 Chaim re: Gaza nothing a well aimed huge bomb wont cure
BBB   (04.06.18)
13. # 8 Moishe Gang of thugs for a population of thugs quite apt
BBB   (04.06.18)
14. # 4 Oh Pleeeze
BBB   (04.06.18)
America's native Indians are still on reservations making money in businesses like fishing, hiring their own first, gambling casinos all due to them educating themselves.
Maybe you should try an education over indoctrination?
Long before Rome coined the name 'palestine' Israel ruled for over 2,000 years.
You poor dumb S**t.
15. # 4 No one's stopping the Arab Pals from returning home to
BBB   (04.06.18)
Jordan, Arabia, Iraq etc. Home is any Muslim nation for Pals.
They want Israel because Jews have possession and a far better way of life.

Name one Muslim nation that has Jews as a huge population, please do...waiting....
Israel si the model of democracy and Muslims don't know the meaning of the word.
16. Wondering if the day will ever come
BBB   (04.06.18)
when the pals learn to over throw their cruel masters?
Na, probably not, they treat their women and kids worse than they treat homeless dogs.
17. Hamas
David ,   Germany   (04.06.18)
Same shit! Hamas steals all the money that was intended for the people. Stuff their pockets full and then buy weapons. Afterwards make trouble until some stupid government gives them "shut - up" money.. Money gone? Then do it all over again!!
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (04.07.18)
business up & running. Otherwise Gaza and Sinai could have been turned to another Dubai. Stop lying to people. These are your soldiers in plain clothes. It is a new deperate tactic of your team, HAm Ass! They are throwing the last towel before they turn things over to another incompetent like Abbas. Iranians are deperate too since their mullahs don't let them live a happy normal life.
19. I agree with the Palestinian activists.
Brad   (04.16.18)
Their deaths are better than their humiliation. In fact, their deaths are better than almost anything.
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