7 Palestinians killed, 5 seriously wounded in 'Friday of Tires' protest
Ynet reporters, Reuters
Published: 06.04.18, 15:32
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1. Bunch of Monkeees
arie ,   mexico   (04.06.18)
Bunch of Monkees !!!
The worst place on earth to live.
they made their place like that
2. Donate fun youth activities centers to Gaza.
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (04.06.18)
Apparently the young people there have no entertainment and nice places to go to movies, basket-ball, billiards etc. The demonstrations and funerals are their sole ENTERTAINMENT. Pity!
3. Jews are always thirsty for goy blood! It started with Jesus
Mark Jackobson ,   Tel Aviv   (04.06.18)
4. Retards
Disillusioned   (04.06.18)
It's almost impossible to comprehend what these half-wits hope to achieve by this other than to poison their own air, and their lungs (for this they need gas masks, kaffiyahs wrapped around them will not protect them) - and those of the children they think it's great to bring along.

Their frustration should be about what their appalling Hamas leaders have brought on them, but that's too easy. Having an external source of hatred makes more sense to child-like idiots, so poisoned from birth that they can't think their way out of their own self-dug graves of ignorance.

The definition of madness, as we know, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. These poor, pathetic excuses for human beings are expecting their decades of repeating the same old thing and truly believing, each time, that this time it'll get the result. They don't even know what result they want other to continue dreaming that if they take over the whole of Israel, their leaders will become better leaders, and that the Islamic mindset of doing nothing useful and hoping everything falls into their laps will make them all happy, content millionaires.

It's all very sad. But you know what? Who cares? Its hard to care about a people so in love with the notion of self-destruction.
Yo, hell itself has no fires like the burning of tyres, their funeral pyres, this really inspires, lift arise thyself from the mire, set some tyres on fire, this raises my ire, put on your security vest ,cause you must protest, this right you must earn ,so go to the border and burn ,yes it's your turn, this protest aint no joke, we can all smell the smoke ,the Lion you should not dare poke.....
Do they never tire of burning tyres ??
8. Hamas terrorists are poisoning their children
C   (04.06.18)
the tire burning is worse than the use of chemical weapons.
the tire burnings will cause cancer and the destruction of the
environment, including the soil and the water.
9. It is more a chemical attack than a protest
It seems more as if they were trying to create as much as toxic smoke as possible to contaminate the air in Israel, while causing ecological disaster on their own territory in the process. Chemical weapons are double-edged swords.
10. A Gazan dead is worth $3000
C   (04.06.18)
a gazan is worth more dead than alive to his de facto hamas government.

the gazan is not worth much, only $3000. his family will not survive
for long on that amount.
nevertheless, it must be noted that gazans have to be inticed
monitarily in order to join in the burning of tires in gaza.

why would anyone indulge in this lunatic tire burning exercise,
one that mostly harms the population of gaza, is beyond rational
comprehension. should these lunatics go too far, israel's
idf will answer harshly and with appropriate measures.
hamas. enjoy your road to hell.
11. IDF needs to put up a line of wind blowing jet turbines and
leo ,   usa   (04.06.18)
problem of smoke will be solved.
12. Kill, kill, kill the Muslim terrorist vermin. No other means
of salvation for Western Civilization.
It's either them or us and they will stop at nothing, not even certain death, in order to achieve their declared goals: obliterating the Jewish State and then...Berlin, NY, Tokyo....
13. Make a deal with the devil and go to hell
BBB   (04.06.18)
And just when some of us might have forgotten the as fresh today as when written Genesis *12:3....
( *note The G-d of Israel has a perfect 1-2-3 reference to never forget
never again.)
He who Blesses you I will bless
he who curses you I will curse.
No truer words were ever said and then written.
14. # 12 They too shall fall miserably
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (04.06.18)
As have so many before them.
Israel stands as living proof that the G-d of Israel rules today,
yesterday and tomorrow.
Have faith and patience.
The Master of the universe has his own time table.
It is we who are left daily to behold his magnificence.
Shabbat Shalom
15. # 11 Leo they heard you!!!
BBB   (04.06.18)
16. # 10 A cheap price to escape Islamic terror.
BBB   (04.06.18)
Which amounts to a never ending Islamic horror show of soulless dead freaks
My, my, life is sacred to Jews and life is worthless than rotted beans in Islam.
17. # 9 Thank G-d for industrial strength Israeli fans!!
BBB   (04.06.18)
18. Spiritual heirs to the Hitler's Mufti Haj Amin Al Husseini
ThisAnExistentialWar ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.06.18)
Let loose on the Jewish Israeli Population they would complete
their "Spiritual Leader's" command to slaughter the Jews every one
man woman and child.
19. BBC CNN SKY NEWS European Media cant wait to broadcast
BlowSmokeIntheirFace ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.06.18)
one can only remember when the riots broke out in downtown
London a few years ago by African UKers and Anarchists how the same Liberals in UK screamed to be protected from them calling the government
to use water cannons and rubber bullets ditto Paris etc etc etc ,the vicious sick
Left of Europe Ditto the riots in LA ....................Two faced hypocrites ALL
20. # 3 Jewish blood is a premium has been since 4,000 years ago
BBB   (04.06.18)
This war on Jews is a war on G-d and his Chosen people.
Many centuries of slaughtering and 'converting'Jews to Catholicism,
Islam, etc. etc.
The enemies of Israel, Israeli's Jews, Hebrews, Israelites, are the enemies of G-d, the G-d of Israel.
In pure fact, they work as the army of Satan, the Devil the fallen Angel, Lucifer.
Guess who is victorious when G-d deems the battle won?
Not Islam, not the Vatican or any other religion but Judaism.
Not any other G-d but the G-d of Israel.
Shabbat Shalom.
21. re: Lie,
BBB   (04.06.18)
Question, had Rome not crucified Jesus would the Gentiles have had privy to what was brought to the Jew first?
( That being the Gospel of Jesus a Jew from the Tribe of Judah )
Wasn't Jesus given to the world by G-d as recorded in John 3: 16?
And, "All in the grave shall hear my voice", Jesus' own words back off with the anger.
It isn't necessary.
Shabbat Shlom
22. C Amen!! Greeeat post!!
BBB   (04.06.18)
Not only Rome
Notice not only Jesus as the main target of Rome but, Moses how many years before Jesus in Egypt?
To kill every Hebrew male under the age of 2 years.
Seems both the Egyptians and Rome read the book and tried their best to kill the King of Israel, the son spoken of in so many scriptures.
They failed, he lives !!!
I've seen him as a child in a vision he spoke to me.
Am I mad? I hope so.
Shabbat Shalom.
23. See we told you,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (04.06.18)
these murderous "Fake Jew" crackers need blood for their Matzah.
24. The Jesus of then was not a Jew but a brown "Hebrew" man.
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (04.06.18)
The Jesus Christ of this dimension of time is a brown skinned man who speaks Arabic and his birth is 1/14, the number of Suras in the Quran, 114. 14 generations to Christ, the 14 pointed star in Bethlehem. 4x14= 70 years of this madness and May 14, 2018 70 years of Gog and Magog on this land.The "state" of Israel will quake severely this year.
25. C 130 full of their own sewage dropped on their heads
DOV ,   USA   (04.06.18)
26. Complete propaganda, nothing adds up, makes any sense.
Zippy's ,   NYC   (04.06.18)
27. Israe has big powerful fans.Now spray shit into the crowds.
Alan   (04.06.18)
It is non lethal, environmental friendly ,good for the plant life. The United Nations food and agriculture authority will be pleased
28. C 130 full of their own sewage dropped on their heads
DOV ,   USA   (04.06.18)
29. Israel Creating Enemies By The Legion
World Citizen ,   the world   (04.06.18)
And one day your sad nation will reap the whirlwind it has sown. And the civilised world will not shed a tear.
30. It's heartwarming.........
tiki ,   belgium   (04.06.18)
and great to see all their wonderful & great achievements for over 70 years.

Were losers, are losers, forever losers.
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