Opinion  Alex Fishman
Gaza protests: When there’s smoke, there’s fire
Alex Fishman
Published: 08.04.18, 11:10
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1. Come on
Rami ,   Helsinki   (04.08.18)
It is never their fault. They just want to do what their nazi mufti told them to do over 70 years ago. Give peace a chance.
2. I only see Hamas failing miserably yet again
Shachar ,   Eilat   (04.08.18)
Nothing Hamas has tried has achieved anything and their chronic failure to manage a tiny strip of land or give any sign of hope to their people means they are shortly destined to waste basket of history as is the strip itself. This is not our problem....we protect our border, that is all that matters.
3. Invading Jews hang themselves again, its in their nature
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (04.08.18)
4. "Spoil" my Passover?! Are you nuts: Make My Day!
5. PA's intervention
Moshe   (04.08.18)
The author is not updated. Abbas did intervene in the riots on the Gaza's fence. He called "on Palestine's envoys to the United Nations, Arab League and European Union to act immediately in conjunction with all international bodies to put a stop to 'the barbarism and killing of the occupation army against innocent'".
6. Steve benassi anti semite
Robert ,   Antwerp   (04.08.18)
I dont understand why ynet doesn't censor Steve benassi.hé is an anti semite
7. Somebody tell their parents that they will be crippled for
Alan   (04.08.18)
life.. It must be hell for Shiffa Hospital Doctors and NursesThese operations are very complicated involving VERY specialised equipment and hardware and nuts bolts and rods etc They dont realise what their recovery trajectory will be like.... not good under such circumstances.as those prevaiing
8. anyone threatneing will be shot
liam   (04.08.18)
anyone threatening whether molotov, slingshot, rock, gun or knive etc or getting beyond the no mans land will be shot period. if betselem and the un do not like it, too bad. lieberman is in charge and he is cut from putin's cloth, not netanyahu who pleads and sweats every threat or accedes to UN committees. anything to avoid violence because he is scared. well lieberman has shown steadiness, and toughness.

as he said, your lives are in danger if go beyond the line.

even erdogan is cautious with lieberman, but not with bibi as he pillories him at every turn. he knows bibi is weak.

A, RightHere   (04.08.18)
It won't be long now. May 14,2018 is just around the corner. Donald Trump, will he or will he not attend the prohecied abomination.
10. good analysis. don't leave the initiative with Hamas
Rafi ,   US   (04.08.18)
11. fatou bensouda of the international criminal court
morton   (04.08.18)
justice fatou, with respect, come to the border and see how gazans demonstrate-with molotovs, iron bars, pipes, ieds, burning pollution causing tires, slingshots, some with guns, wearing reporters uniforms, see how the peaceful gazans protest.

Then you will be able to make reasonable decisions. gazans bring violence on themselves as a strategy.
12. What a farce of an article
Lauren ,   New York   (04.09.18)
"Most of the Palestinians killed over the weekend were hurt while running amok towards the fence, as the IDF had no other way to stop them"

What a load of crap. Stop rationalizing the indefensible and stop parroting IDF bullshit.
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