Stabbing attempt thwarted near Mishor Adumim
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 08.04.18, 14:13
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1. Private guns save lives again
2. Left wing Fascists ignore civilian guns saving lives global
3. When will Israeli Gov protect its citizens not its enemy?
4. arm the citizenry now
joe   (04.08.18)
the only way for Israelis to blunt personal terror is to arm them. and there is no need to rush attacker to hospital. take your time. get over your fear of guns. there is no mercy for the weak in the middle east. get armed fast. and if the state will not arm you to protect you and your family, draw your own conclusions.
5. TBer bots...u have no idea of gun laws in Israel do you?
6. Quick response.....
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (04.08.18)
By an alert passerby not only apprehands terrorist and also saves the day by giving back a life back to the victim. What a great way to mark the completion of passover. Congratulations!!!
7. Pals complain about oppression.Obviously it's not enough.
Sam ,   Montreal   (04.08.18)
Whatever Israel is doing is not enough to deter Palestinians from stabbing on a regular basis. Why hold back? The anti-semitic and far-leftist crowd will criticize Israel no matter what it does. Israel has to take the gloves off and deter Palestinians from terror.
8. betselem and other such groups
manny   (04.08.18)
betselem is attempting to harm the state of Israel by interfering in the idf defense of Israel/ New Israel fund allegedly interfered in the illegal immigrant plan. this is unacceptable for a sovereign state to be stabbed in the back by its own groups enjoying freedom of action. they must be investigated, prosecuted and thrown in jail if their actions constitute a crime.Stop being bleeding hearts..

if memory serves me correctly, didn't one of our previous pm's kids serve in betselem?
9. Better luck next time
A, RightThere   (04.08.18)
The Pals got lot of catching up to do, IDF suicides and accidental killings of each other kindb are slow at the moment.
10. everyday people are victims of stabbings
expatokie ,   mazkeret batya   (04.08.18)
all around the world this happens especially in the UK or places where guns are difficult to own. The reasons for the violence may be different but in the end the violence is the same and the terror and fear is the same. Arming citizens will only eventually lead to the same situation that exists in the US. We are a democratic, free society based on ideals that in theory should transcend vigilantism and anarchy. We still enjoy far less violence then most of the world and basically live in a safe community. Granted, just as in the rest of the world there are safer areas than others. Maybe we need to focus on why that is instead of calling for more violence and reactionary measures. It's just a thought.
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