Hezbollah operations in Colombia revealed
Published: 08.04.18, 23:51
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1. These operatives would stand out in Colombia.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (04.09.18)
Should not be a problem to identify them and wipe them out. Starting with their mosques.
2. Jewish drug smugglers, pornographers, oligarchs, mafia
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (04.09.18)
... are pervasive.
3. Party of Allah?
Rami ,   Helsinki   (04.09.18)
Surely such pious men would not engage in extortion, drug trade, kidnappings and murder for hire.
4. What? 45 & Netanyahu haven't wiped them out yet?
So what's up with all of their saber rattling?
5. Hey Ynet writers: excellent reporting!
IMC ,   Israel   (04.09.18)
this report is an excellent beginning. How about you think about running investigative reports on:
1. the foreign debt purchase of the debt of various Latin American countries, including but not limited to Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay, by Iran
2. the number and amounts of "soft loans" granted by Iran and separately by Saudi Arabia to Latin American countries.
3. the sale of Argentina's uranium deposits, mined via strip mining by companies from Canada to Iran and
4. the extent of Hezbollah's operations via mosque growth and propagation of the Muslim faith in Latin America.
Having all of this information out in the open would be incredibly important!
6. Fantasy
Iron Duke   (07.14.18)
All of this has a ring of fantasy to it. I doubt even 1% of this is likely, let alone proven.
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