It’s time to end policy of coexistence with Hamas
Haim Ramon
Published: 13.04.18, 23:44
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1. OPEN EYES: the British bstrds had splitted ME for GB ONLY >
OPEN EYES: the British criminals already had splitted ME for GB ONLY ! - and high-price-real-estate-loving E.Barak and B.Ne. had almost always been their best helper - fueling always and ever oil to the fire since his 20 years in office-BB , and E.B. even as retired !- and: didnt we really noticed,what B.B. Means - it means BI (and that double!) - and bi = in 2 directions.... So on work for BRITISH INTERESTS and pseudo for Israel.
2. mr
david david ,   bkln   (04.14.18)
shmeckel PM get rid of him he is bad 4 the jews
3. Let’s be patient
Jack ,   Raanana   (04.14.18)
Mr Ramon: Every time Israel or any other outside actor gets involved in Arab/Palestinian politics then the Law of Unintended Consequences hits. When Israel worked to invalidate the Palestinian elections then Hamas ended up controlling Gaza and could end up controlling יו״ש..
Economics always determines events. Let Gaza continue to implode, Iran continue shoveling money into that dark hole and change will eventually happen, of its own accord. We have to be patient and vigilant.
4. Israel expelled 80% of Palestine population in 1948
ironbutterfly ,   Naples, FL   (04.14.18)
Israeli establishment carefully and smoothly disguised the facts of HOW the state of israel was created. The mass expulsion of arab population from Lod, Jaffo and hundreds of other places was always presented to israelis as arab states propaganda, when in fact this is exactly what really was happening. It was a brutal mass expulsion, which is quite similar to expulsion of jews from their homes in Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary rounding them up like cattle into ghettos and finally eliminating them. Only difference in 1948 was that Palestinians had a choice where to go, into refugees camps in Lebanon or Jordan.
5. Gaza Warsaw Ghetto uprising continues, Jews have lost
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (04.14.18)
... demographic war.
6. Seriously?
sabasarge ,   Jeusalem   (04.14.18)
When will these fools get it into their thick skulls that the PA is simply another side of the same coin, simply with different (barely) methods.
If the survival of the Jewish People was dependant upon the likes of Haim Ramon we would be in BIG trouble.
7. Ramon is a fool if he thinks there's "good Islam/bad Islam",
but that is exactly what he& most of the Western world seems to hold true.
8. ramon was close to pm olmert-insanity
jen   (04.14.18)
ramon who was olmert's water carrier, distorts reality with his fiction of peace with PA.

firstly, bibi never had intention of bringing down hamas because he is fearful and really has not been cited as leading a successful mission. he is not a war leader in the mold of nasrollah, bennett or lieberman. so i do not recall bibi saying he would bring down hamas.

secondly, there is no peace with abbas or hamas or nasrollah. it doesn't exist. either israel will prevail and have arrangments or it will not. then many israelis will be killed and the rest booted out of palestine.

so israel has to focus on military plans and survival.
9. Haim should stick to French- kissing!
10. Haim Who ? Another reason he is in the dustbin of history
Jewish&Foolish ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.16.18)
I remember years ago when he was in the Knesset I was in
Germany in a Pub "Kneipe" the television news was on
in German of course and there was Haim Ramon throwing one
of his childish tantrums running
down to the podium screaming and waving papers a
scene of complete chaos Germans watching it in the pub all had a good
laugh and one shouted out " ha ha look Jews all Jews " Ha Ha
Juden alle Juden ha ha " Who says wisdom comes with age ?
Chaim Ramon like many of his cronies are condemned to be
consigned the dustbin of Jewish history .
11. It's time to retake OUR lands we foolishly abandoned
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.16.18)
Leave it to nut bar Haim Ramon to embrace sadistic mass murderer Abbas and his murderous P.A. as peace partners. The Abbas who engineered the horrific Munich Massacre and many others and who denies the Holocaust. It is scary that such dumb, destructive leftists once governed Israel. We must never allow them to govern again!

The real lesson from Gaza is that it's time to retake OUR lands we foolishly abandoned. Virtually all the wars, terror, rockets and other abominations Israel suffers are direct results of Israeli retreats and concessions. When we held Gaza, we had virtually none of these problems. The same is true of our retreat from our South Lebanon Security Zone and all our other retreats and concessions.
12. Retaking our lands back is future to peace
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (05.02.18)
I totally agree that "taking our land back " is the the solution to peace, the negotiations of the past when land for peace was implemented, was a big mistake. Precious israeli blood and Israeli lives were sacrificed for Israel to remain safe. The Muslims Arabs who call themselves Palestinians , are diametrically opposed to everything Israel stands for, the Jewish right to exist peacefully in the promised land which the Almighty sovereign, holy, G-d of our forefathers gave to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as eternal inheritance, should be never given away, not even an inch, the Palestinians are squatters who moved in, when the Jews were scattered, so they must invicted, the more you give, the more they want, and still they have vowed to kill all the Jews. Hamas, The PA and Hezbollah entities should be completely destroyed. They are a thorn in the existence of Israel, they will never ever leave the Israeli people in peace, these people are the descendents of the old enemies of Israel, When G-d gave the land of Canaan to Israel he ordered the Israelites to destroy the people who lived in the land. So my brethren open your eyes, retake our lands shalom shabbat, and you will enter into G-d's rest (peace).
13. Israel expelled 80% of Palestinians in 1948
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (05.03.18)
The Israeli leaders had the right idea by expelling 80% of the Palestinian entity.in 1948, Instead of making life comfortable for these Palestinians the remainder of them should be expelled from Gaza, and the west bank and other areas occupied by these people. They should be expelled back to place of origin, to Egypt, Jordon, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, ,Syria and., Qatar, these Palestinians breed like rabbits. The only solution is mass expulsion. Whilst they remain in Israel they will drain Israel of all resources, whatever action the leaders take all the Jewish people should remain united, whatever their political affiliations. There is a lot of land that need to be retaken, the land which the Almighty G-d of Israel gave to Abraham. Whenever peace talks takes place, the land of Israel should be non-negotiable. Build, build, build my brethren. Shalom shabbat. Amen and amen.
14. mr
david david ,   bkln   (06.06.18)
hammas disappearance would be good for israel but... the PM pollsters are advising that it would be bad for his reelection and would remove the distraction from his imminent indictment
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