US officials: Israel struck Syrian airbase, informed us beforehand
Published: 09.04.18, 15:49
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1. Raid Alg is eating crow
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (04.09.18)
2. Trump is apparently two cowardly to attack Asasad
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (04.09.18)
3. Trumps threatens Assad, then throws Israel under the bus!
David ,   Hartford USA   (04.09.18)
He's like a 10 year old! "I may have made noise but Peter broke the cookie jar!"

Unless, from the very start, Trump meant, "Assad did a despicable thing and he's going to pay for it! (pssst! Israel? Can you do a favor for me??")

So while the USA and Russia make believe they are doing something to protect the Syrian civilians, Israel is the one left to actually do something about it.

Typical USA/Russia bull. Half a million Syrians killed by Assad and he's still in power. maybe it's time for Russia to really step in, remove Assad, and make Syria the newest Russian state. Having a million or two Russians living in Syria would improve the entire region. They have the money, technology, and will to reconstruct the country and make it a workable situation. Seriously, a couple million imported Russians would make Syria a working country. Trade between 'new' Syria and Israel would be incredible. Win-win for everyone.

4. turkey or rebels conducted strikes
ronnie   (04.09.18)
bibi ought to shut up about Israeli possible moves. you see here USA has loose lips. Russia is not a friend of Israel. stop giving Putin Israel's plans and stop grovelling. your cowardice knows no bounds.

bibi ought to step down as he is telling trump and Putin everything Israel might and might no do. he does so because he is scared periodic should have known this back years ago.
5. if trump does not respond
ike   (04.09.18)
if trump does not respond,he will be shown to be gutless as obama was on Syrian the pinch, Israel is on its own. stockpile reserve weapons systems now.

likud should throw out bibi and replace him with Bennett, leaving Lieberman at defense.
6. what is this telling of tales all the time?!
This is the 2nd time that Trump and his minions have ratted us out to the Russians and the rest of the world! What's up with that?
this is not good!
7. So what’s next for it’s nutsyahuuu
Tehraniporou   (04.09.18)
If he hits Russians in accident there will be repercussions. The situation is getting too volatile. Assad is a butcher and must have been neutralised years ago not that the war is in the final phase and Assad is winning... from an intellectual point of view I don’t find it credible that it received an order from the Iranians and the Russia to gas people. I m afraid the ground is more complicated...
8. ASSAD MUST BE DESTROYED BY FORCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.10.18)
9. First time Bibi deserves to be named an idiot.
Mr Reason ,   Berlin   (04.10.18)
Israel is playing with the fire. Unfortunately most of the Israeli political Establishments is being comprised of Anglo-Saxonian educated figures, who along with it’s Western partners are missing a very important development. The West is on the losing site. It has lost it’s unchallenged ability to design the world at is likings. It still can manage the position it holds, but not through illegal acts of war, sanctions or other tools it is used to be able to apply. Who gave the right to the West to invade and destroy several countries in ME as it happened in recent past? Who gave the West the right to get a fascistic junta in Ukraine? Why the NATO expanded to Russias borders?
Israel has to be a mediator.
It should show initiative for a dialog in ME for a common security. US has no real security interests there, only economical. So they should not call the shots, since it’s not their blood being spilled there. Threats against Iran will not solve it’s security interests. When UK and USA ousted the elected Iranian government and placed a dictator instead to make more money in 1953, this is when the recent Iranian hostility begins.
Get the Anglo-Saxonian imperialists out of there and begin with Russia a trust building process with a goal to create a stable ME.
Also, abandon the two state solution. Israel can not allow a fully armed Hamas in Gaza, Judea.
10. Be Honest
Mike ,   Newport   (04.10.18)
STOP expecting Israel to care for its enemies more than the Arabs care for its friends!

Here's an honest assessment of the reality … 58 Islamic nations surround Israel. When they create peace and security in the region Israel can easily follow. The responsibility is on Islam ... not Israel.
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