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Holocaust survivors sue publisher over Nazi-era books
Published: 10.04.18, 11:40
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1. Hitler is the mentor of many groups, including Jewish ones
Avi Yeroshalmi ,   Jerusalem   (04.10.18)
Right-wing Jews hate the Fuhrer because he murdered so many Jews not because he was evil.......They say that explicitly
2. Left including Gays are rampantly Anti Semitic
#1SelfHating ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.10.18)
The Left of World politics is sick and ripe with Jew Hate and
always has been only recently in the Berlin Gay Ghetto a well known local
gay man is recorded on video as telling a local Jew to" go
back to the gas chambers" as the Gay Rainbow Flag of "love
peace and equality "flutters in the background What a bunch
of hypocrites trying always to hide their hate of the Jew as
only the privy of the Right .
3. Before Adoloh was even born,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (04.12.18)
Hitler was a very poular, prominent Jewish name, check it out, and sill popular today hook and crook.
4. No Dignity in Censorship
Tsigantes ,   Athens   (04.18.18)
This is plain and simple censorship, and due to its timing and Poland's new law it looks 100% politically motivated. The plaintiffs have had 70 years to bring this lawsuit and did nothing. And for 70 years the European public has been trusted to reach its own conclusions from an ever widening range of historical sources - as the US Army captain's recommendation on the cover attests. But not anymore. And this unfortunately is due to jewish pressure groups, let us admit it.

The only conclusion one can reach is that these pressure groups are absolutely determined to reframe ('twist') an historical event shared by all Europeans and not just jews - including its more eccentric byways [DeGrelle] - into the rubbish produced by Hollywood. This is not just not intelligent, it is short sighted and stupid. It will not succeed in the long term. And the resentment created by these continuing efforts (because this is not the first nor will it be the last) will rebound against these censors.

Have a shred of dignity. Let the record speak for itself.l
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