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Report: Seven Iranians were killed in strike on Syrian air base
Published: 10.04.18, 11:18
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1. Muslims are begging for a nuclear crusade
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (04.10.18)
2. 7 Bull’s-eye kindle like 7 Menorah candles, 9 for Chanukah?
Cushi ,   Cushi   (04.10.18)
3. Very good
Rami ,   Helsinki   (04.10.18)
51 percent of Iran speaks farsi. Iranian is a term invented by Pahlavi to appease Hitler. Azeris, Kurds, Arabs, Georgians and other minorities trapoed in that artificial state need to ask themselves do they really want to die for farsi fascists who oppress them.
4. Shia terrorists should stay out of Syria
C   (04.10.18)
the genocidal terror regime of iran should stop threatening the jewish state
with annihilation. it should stay out of syria, stay away from the borders
of israel, stop arming its terror proxy hezbollah.
5. Israël pseudo attack on T-4 airbase
DEborah ,   france   (05.16.18)
I don't think Iran wants to attack Israël. . Iran has never attaked a country since 4 decades.But Iran does not want to be agressed by Israël which is a very agressive country living in the paranoïa of being destroyed. with not even clear borders. Define our borders and then we can defend if attacked..
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