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Number of Jews in the world still lower than before Holocaust
Yaron Drukman
Published: 11.04.18, 12:46
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1. But were growing in Quality we will survive this as before
WeWillBstronger ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.11.18)
yes we have less than in the past but before the late 1800's we were
much smaller and survived very well for a millennia
and in fact the community was much more cohesive more Jewishly educated
only when the birthrates soared did we lose control and started
to see assimilation and drop outs We are enough in numbers if
given a solid Jewish education to survive as a people very well
and Jewish education has never been stronger what we are
seeing sadly is the loss among the American Jewish Community
the second largest that never had a strong Jewish Education
System"3 days a week in a Jewish Hebrew School does not
a good Jew make" and that was if you were lucky and the
truth is also that all minority groups in America are losing numbers
Greeks Armenians etc etc
density equals intensity suburban America does
not allow for this and it is especially difficult to lead a separate
Jewish lifestyle in a non Jewish world Israel is the solution
for serious Jews with small hopefully educated Jews in the
Diaspora. An example of a Jewish tragedy would be
Boston which claims 300,000 Jews however some
60-70 % are not Jews by Halacha for 300,000 "Jews" there
is only ONE Kosher Café open only at lunch with a few
tiny take outs in the suburbs Temple after Temple
closing even the flagship Temple Mishkan Tefila "sizing
down" usually means its "Swan Song" or "Consolidating"
The only saving grace there is the small but strong
Orthodox Community of Young Israel and Habad
The Jews of Boston ran not walked away from Judaism
and the truth be known the secular Israeli Jew if living
outside of Israel would be running with them . Jewish
Education with "heart" is the answer as is living in
the Jewish Homeland .
2. Jewish World always"reboots" No Fear !!!
WeWillSurvive" ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.11.18)
Jewish history is filled with ups and downs but always renews itself
even after the worst of situations. The emphasis should now
be on the millions of secular Israelis along the coastal area
that so many are so disconnected from Jewish Civilization and
given the chance would join those of their brethren rushing
into the arms of Jewish oblivion assimilation in the Diaspora
The Fanatically Secular Israeli Media has played such a major
role in separating Israelis from Jewish Tradition
and Civilization When major Jewish Holidays are
relegated to two or 3 seconds at the end of a major
nightly news cast something is very very wrong The secular
Israeli media also promoted the very worst of Western
"Culture" low or zero birthrates Abortion and antagonism
towards Judaism ( not only against the Haredim ) Judaism
was trivialized made a joke . If Israel wants to survive
Israeli Jews have to be re educated and brought back
into Jewish Civilization if not Judaism and soon. Regardless
Judaism and Jews are eternal and will always survive
4,000 tumultuous years of history cant be denied.
this must end
3. For the past 200 years
Tzvika ,   Israel   (04.11.18)
the "haskala" (Enlightenment) that began in the 19th century has been pushing an agenda that a Jewish People is viable without Judaism. Mainstream Zionism continues to preach this falsehood, despite the very serious demographic concerns. Insufficient Jewish education = no Jewish pride = eventual physical disappearance of Jews. Anyone who is capable of objectivity can see that this is what's happening throughout the diaspora. The very notion of a nation (as in "Jewish Nation") is being questioned and in many cases, repudiated. A growing number of non-observant Jews and Israelis feel little or no "obligation to their people." Among other trends, this is reflected in the growing number of young people opting out of IDF service. This ideological assimilation is a death blow for the secular state that requires a large degree of national pride. The state is finding it increasingly difficult to motivate its citizens to care about "peoplehood" at all. Or that a Jewish State is even necessary. In the eyes of a growing number of Israelis, Berlin, Hong Kong, Los Angeles or New York are just as good.
The handwriting on the wall is clear as possible: no Judaism -- no Jews.
4. Fake Hebrew changed name from Mileikowsky to Netanyahu
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (04.11.18)
... his DNA is European.
5. We do fine without religion, any religion, Jewish included.
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.12.18)
6. Your numbers are false
Sky Blue ,   București   (04.14.18)
You are not going to believe that USA has only 5,7 milion jews,are you?
7. No religion numbers are growing, meaning less Jews.
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.13.18)
In the US there are numbers, in Israel nobody counts.
8. If there weren't any Jews the world would invent them..
Al   (04.14.18)
The world loves a group they can kick around from time to time.

Problem is most Jews don't get that. They truly believe that being a good little Jew Boy will give them a pass.

It wont happen and never has.

The only hope and future for the Jew is Israel. Yeah sure Israels got some real morons running the place however Israel will outlive these fools and the vile enemy that surrounds it.
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