Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
The lessons of the Holocaust and Syria
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 11.04.18, 19:57
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1. This is much more balanced analysis.
Tehraniporou   (04.11.18)
I just regret that to upsheld the standards of international law, why the Iranian people will never be awarded damages by the companies that sold chemical weapons to Iraq and which killed 100k Iranian nor from the us government which provided the intelligence to strike the targets, with the same rigor, outspoken value that tribunals in New York where it was ruled to awards billions of usd of Iranian assets to victims of Hezbollah attacks. As if two class of citizen exist along with two class of interest. I agree with the principle but the uneven application of principles just makes it look like the medieval ius victor...0
2. Ben-Yishai: a lot of over-analysis, speculation & blah-blah
Rafi ,   US   (04.11.18)
Accept fact that some things just can't be all known in advance...
3. key factor is for US to respond MASSIVELY & SWIFTLY
Rafi ,   US   (04.11.18)
over-analysis and attainment of the complete consensus Ron ben-Yishai describes here...

... means delay and watered-down response... sending a wrong & weak message to the animals/ thugs/ bad guys.

Hopefully John Bolton will know what to do.
4. Russian pogroms preceded and led to the Holocaust
5. where is my comment from today mid day?
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (04.12.18)
6. Holocaust Remembrance Day
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (04.12.18)
My heart bleeds remembering the 6 million Jewish brethren which were sent to the concentration camps. In WW2. This generation and future generations should never ever forget this tragedy. It is very hard to believe the wickedness of Hitler. Never ever forget the covenants Hashem made with our forefathers Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David. No nation will ever be able to defeat Israel in future. We must never forget that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel. And not an inch of Israeli land should be given away as part of the peace process. The land of Israel is eternal Jewish inheritance. Wake up my brethren, have zeal for your inheritance. Jews will only be safe in Israel. Shalom to all my Jewish brethren's who are weeping. I weep with you. Don't trust the Arabs, the Persians, Palestinians, Europeans, and the Turks and the Russians. Every inch of Israel should be built for Jews who are returning via Aliyah. The land should be fortified.
7. US Hitting symbolic targets will not work again
DOV ,   USA   (04.13.18)
8. Syrian Holocaust?
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (04.13.18)
It's simple, Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdock, the US, Israel, the Jew, Afek oil, settlers, the Golan Heights and Bashar Assad killing up his own people, destroying the country while his wife holds British citizenship.
9. Ron is a genius. Predicted what would happen
DOV ,   USA   (04.14.18)
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