Israel braces to face possible attack if US hits Syria
Published: 11.04.18, 19:24
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1. teheran adventurers
ed   (04.11.18)
Tehran leaders should have their planes ready to fly them to Moscow. the Persian people are ready to throw out the mullah fake entity. israel will respond to any actions undertaken by the larijani govt.

Putin could destroy Israel if he wants to no question. but Israel would strke back with its hidden assets even at the end. Vladimir should think twice.

bibi should step back. he is not equipped for all out warfare. bennett and lieberman can handle israeli response. leiberman is cooly handling gaza marche. it was a pleasure to hear a sobre minded Lieberman who does not bend as opposed to the sweaty nervous concession minded netanyahu, who buckles oh my god at the first sign of pressure. stay out of miiltary plans period.

2. seems like prudent defensive steps by Israeli govt...
Rafi ,   US   (04.11.18)
3. Israel should attack Iran, to make sure Iran makes Nukes
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (04.11.18)
... with Israel's name on them.
4. They better be
Rami ,   Helsinki   (04.11.18)
Mullahs will soon go all jihad on Israel.
5. lieberman legislation against videotape incitment
jen   (04.11.18)
I agree with Lieberman proposed law making it a criminal offense up to 5 yrs in jail for individuals videotaping soldiers with the goal of incitement against the idf. At trial, defendants can bring in their own evidence ie illegal war etc. but short of that, they will do hard time in jail if convicted. this is long overdue.

and that applies to even a pm's children if they do the videotaping.
6. There's no point in farting a few excellent new missiles.
Roberto Feldmann ,   Santiago de Chile.   (04.12.18)
Neither Assad nor Iran nor Russia will alter their evil one bit. Regime change must be the objective. In Syria, Iran and Russia.
7. Till now, all Donald did was doing nothing
Avi L.   (04.12.18)
Donald the mighty tweeter, the alleged Master of the Deal, hasn't done anything at all excepted upsetting everybody and giving the opportunity for one more round of incitement against Israel with his move of embassy.

In all this time he wasn't able to engage (his alleged puppet master) KGB colonel Putin in any kind of factual deal over Syria and the Middle East.

Nothing, zilch.

While Putin was making real deals with erdogan and Tehran on Syria's back, Donald was busy denying whoring, denying everything he did, doing the only thing he seems being proficient at, i.e shouting "you're fired!"

So instead of offering a deal to Putin and isolate Iran's crazy mollahs, all Donald achieved was alienating everybody and threatening someone who doesn't take threats lightly.

Now Israel sees its freedom to strike at iran's bases thanks to Donald big mouth.

Summarizing: no "deal" but threats to a nuclear power prone to violence.

Nice "special friend" and wonderful "special relationship".

Thanks Bibi for helping such a m... (see Rex Tillerson definition) to become president instead of a real friend of Israel and pro West leader as Hillary Clinton.

With the increased risk of Sanders (Iran' friendly) becoming the next president when Donald get impeached and jailed.
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