Unannounced aerial drill jolts Tel Aviv
Ynet reporters
Published: 12.04.18, 18:36
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1. Me ....alarmed??! We live this shit daily/yearly: lifetimes!
2. A practice drill on holocaust memorial day?
Really who do they think they are fooling?
3. pt. 2/3
2/3 and final signature is done - FOR WAR - and the goodbye to our only homeland and homes... "Good" remembrance-day / "NWO will be right in place by 2018" (planned, spoken and made by war-lord, mafia-boss and satanist EVELINE of Rottenschild together with his local command-takers). And the 'best' on that, NOBODY, really NOBODY -except a very small circle- is informed about it - even not the minister.
4. Evelin Rottenshild 06/2017: 'NWO will be in place by 2018'-
B.B.-city   (04.13.18)
1/3 Long planned war-making on OUR cost/back and the only country we have ! - cooked by British+some US planners- all of them crooks and masons, and downer/middle-section given their ill drafts for signature to their next (higher) buddys.......vice-minister, than suuuuper important assistents, helpers+ family at PMs office looking on signed papers and drafts:
5. So much for Isaah 2:4
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (04.13.18)
So much for Isaah 2:4. The biblical narrative and prophecy has nothing to do with these Drvils except that they are Gog and Magog in the holy land. It's coming out in the wash.
6. Lebanon drilled every day by illegal violation of airspace
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (04.13.18)
7. pt. 3/3
3/3 So, good night (formerly) beautiful israel. (why good-bye and good-night? - because in EACH country its done+made the same way - "NWO will be right in place by 2018", Boss de MAFIEUX, Eveline de Rottenschild 06/2016) - first world war ended 1918...- the british and east-coast satanists are alway making what they want! And we shouldnt forget to kiss BIBI s shoes as the 'thank you' for that! Or may be, we WILL find a better thank you for him...
8. Just the thing to prove the Holocaust didn't stop us :-)
doda ,   Givatayim   (04.13.18)
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