Rivlin tells Polish counterpart 'Poles also murdered' Jews
Ron Notkin
Published: 12.04.18, 16:21
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1. Jews also murdered Jews...
Ivan ,   haifa   (04.12.18)
so what?
2. Poles and rest of the eastern bloc
Rami ,   Helsinki   (04.12.18)
Stalin betrayed Jewish people in 1949 because Mapam lost the election. Poles and rest of the eastern bloc supplied weapons to Arabs who wanted to end what Hitler started. It is not anti-zionism if Nasser arrests all Jews in Egypt and forms a coalition that aims to wipe out Israel. Anti-zionism is a code word invented by racist stalinist slavs. Jews fought in the Red Army because they had to in order to survive. Poles and rest of the slavs were jew hating communist imperialists.
3. Who is lying
Mike   (04.13.18)
Jews murdered Jews, Russians, Ukrainians, Poles. Total about 60 million, more than Hitler. Admit, apologise and repent!
4. Millions murdered by Communist Jews, electing Hitler in 1933
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (04.13.18)
... with 44% of the German vote.

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