IDF faces third straight week of Gaza border protests
Elior Levy and Yoav Zitun
Published: 13.04.18, 14:55
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1. Gotta keep that 2 Pals or more death toll a week going,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, USA   (04.13.18)
Israel is a very interesting country.
2. Will the Gazans Persist?
JOSEPH GOLDBERG ,   gush etzion   (04.13.18)
What we are seeing in the protests on the Gaza borders is a new phenomenon for Israel. The demonstrators don't shoot and apparently have no intention of harming Israelis. Civil protests evicted the British from India in 1948, the African National Congress overthrew the apartheid government in South Africa.
From 1954 until 1968 the Civil Rights movement in the USA forced the state and federal governments to radically change the prevailing attitude towards blacks and other minorities. The Gazans have nothing to lose. All the IDF can do is to contain them.
3. Palestinian National Sport
Ed ,   USA   (04.13.18)
Palestinian National Sport: how many people can they make Israel kill. Thanks mayor of Dublin. Thanks UN. Thanks EU for encouraging the game. Along the Palestinian suffering
4. So,what happened to IDF attacking Hamas resources?
Sam ,   Montreal   (04.13.18)
IDF should take the battle to Hamas and stop being a sitting duck for Palestinian agitators. Keep Hamas and its leaders on the defensive. Let them sit in their bunkers rather than running around. These are peaceful demonstrations only for Israel's enemies.
5. I hope the snipers have lots of ammo
A ,   OutThere   (04.13.18)
and that they use it.
6. Hamastan population = brainwashed zombies.
David ,   Hartford USA   (04.13.18)
Curious why all these morons are targeting Israel when their fellow Arabs in Egypt also have barricaded their border.

Why is it that everyone surrounding Gaza wants nothing to do with it?

Do the Arabs have bad breath? No.
Do they all have dandruff? Nope.
Do they all have STDs? Nada. (Well, probably...)

Could it be that both Egypt and Israel know that the residents of Gaza have become brainwashed ticking time bombs, ready to infiltrate and kill whoever they run into? Why, yes! It is!! Hundreds of Egyptian soldiers and police have died at the hands of Hamas. Hamas is simply evil by world norms.

Israel has warned that anyone approaching the border fence is facing lethal force. Israel has every right and duty to maintain the integrity of the border.

Considering how well-armed Hamas is and how many 'civilians' turn out to be Hamas soldiers, Israel has no explaining to do to anyone.

Bravo to the IDF! Keep up the excellent performance: nobody breaks through the border, nobody gets through the fence.

7. the undeniable truth
Mike ,   seattle   (04.13.18)
If Israel wanted to destroy the Gaza Strip and kill every Palestinian tomorrow it could. If the Palestinians could destroy Israel and kill every Jew tomorrow they would. Therein lies the difference.
The Palestinian definition of Oppression is their inability to kill Jews and destroy Israel as they wish. Jews should not have to die just so the Palestinians can feel better about themselves.
8. Arabs are hanging themselves, repeatedly lose history shows
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (04.13.18)
9. gaza
victor ,   moskou   (04.13.18)
If the israeli army has moral restraint to react adequately, ..ask the russians mercenaires to do the job.

They proved in syria that they are good .

They have no problem to clean up all that garbitch.
10. 4 emergency meetings on Syria this week.No time for Gazans
Alan   (04.13.18)
11. Palestinians looking for telegenic symbolism,
Shepard Martin Fargo ,   Memphis   (04.13.18)
The Palestinians apparently can't smell the coffee. The world sees these protests as part of an old strategy to keep their "manufactured victimhood" in the world press. Outside of the Israeli press it really isn't being covered. No one really cares. There are REAL refugees like the Syrians or Kurds or Yazidis. It's more than stupid, it is suicidal. They are condeming their children to the worst possible future. In any civil society, the children would be taken away from their parents because it would be considered abuse.
12. How long this Gaza vaudeville production run?
Cameron   (04.14.18)
Tires burn, fools bounce, and the worst players get dropped.

Entertaining, and at no charge, but other ME efforts further down the street merit more interest.
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