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US, UK, France strike Syria in response to chemical weapons attack
Reuters, AP
Published: 14.04.18, 11:38
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1. Hit and then pullout? Is Trump insane
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (04.14.18)
Leaving Israel and it’s half allies to pick up the backlash
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (04.14.18)
I'm srue the chemicals were moved since Donnie said it wuld attack a few days ago. Vladi now is going to inquire more Iranian money in order to keep up his fake preoteciton of the mullahs. These are all good news for him and the Turk. They are still laughing their behinds off all the way to the bank. Come to think of it! Where are the big talker Suadi king and his servant Turk? Aren't they worried about Muslims being slaughtered? I guess not.
3. Lying, lying, lying...
yospit64   (04.14.18)
“We did not do any co-ordination with the Russians on the strikes, nor did we pre-notify them.” said US General Dunford.

Blatant lie! The French Defence Minister Florence Parly announced in a Press conference that the Russians were pre-notified about the impending attack Who are we to believe US General Dunford or the French Defence Minister? One of them is lying...
4. Who benefits most from False Flag in Syria? Nusra-Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (04.14.18)
5. Rush to cover up chemical weapons
Mr Reason ,   Berlin   (04.14.18)
This illegal attack was conducted to cover up the newly found chemicals in an ISIS storage, which were originating from NATO countries.
Those were analysed in the very center, which was destroyed.
Israel is more and more entangled with a coalition of willing bandits.
6. Like Israel's retaliations in Gaza
Khalid Amayreh ,   Jerusalem   (04.14.18)
Insignificant and inconsequential.
7. Fake show
Rami ,   Helsinki   (04.14.18)
Trump warned his buddy or puppet master Vlad. Assad removed all weapons and gained a propaganda victory.
8. Arabs have been killing each other and others since the dawn
Al   (04.14.18)
of need for anyone to get involved...May they continue killing each other forever.

Allow Israel to defend itself. Israel will take care of its own if it the very same powers to be would allow it.

As these same powers have never allowed Israel to vanquish its enemies the war has been going on in Israel for over 70 years.

Trump May and the Frenchie want to be involved. Iraq Afghanistan Vietnam Africa have taught these supposed superpowers nothing.

You cant fight your way to teach barbarians anything.

Let them keep on killing each other.

Allow Israel to finally vanquish its enemy.
9. One time shot = Z'bang v'gamarnu! It won't work!
The Americans have always been the destructive bull in the china shop who breaks in and causes damage without thinking of the consequences.
10. Trump is the dumbest Clown
Maroun ,   Beirut   (04.14.18)
This stupid made his country a big joke. Nobody is afraid from them anymore.
Being a Lebanese, am so happy to see Israel biggest and stongest sponser is so weak and idiot. We do worry a bit when Israel strikes beacuse we know that it means business but when USA & CO strike we laugh.
Am telling you from a rivalry postition, Israel should worry when your best friend Trump is in action. Good luck :)
11. We ought to also note, the entire EU & NATO stand ...
NadavKatz   (04.14.18)
...behind this move by the US, UK & France. The multiple messages ought to be understood not only by the butcher of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, but also by his patrons of the Islamist warlords of Iran, the Islamist warlords of Hizballah, as well as Russia.
MR CYNIC ,   SAFED HONESTY   (04.14.18)
HEADLINES : Orange man in White house sees Red .
13. " YOU'RE FIRED "
15. Hey Maroun moron
Rami ,   Helsinki   (04.14.18)
You are the clown if you actually believe that he did not tip off his buddies in the Kremlin before the strike. What could one expect from a Hezbollah supporter.
Syria 2018 is weakened and an easy target. The warmongers in the west would not be so eager to attack a country which could hit back hard. And John Bolton ,Trumps' new best buddy has a long history of being a warmonger ,as long as he is far away from any physical danger. Which is why this attack on Syria will ultimately be meaningless and futile, much like a group of men attacking an old lady,it proves nothing.
17. All you get
Cameron   (04.14.18)
No campaigning in worthless Syria this year.
18. Not taking this attack seriously
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (04.14.18)
Not taking this attack seriously. Not because I don't side with USA, UK and France against the despotic mafia state Russia and the crazy third world banana republics, the Islamic autocratic Iran and the secular Fascist autocratic Syria.

I do side with the American cowboys, the British tea drinking imperialists and the hedonistic wine loving, sex loving and cheese loving French fries.
But the scale of the attack leaves a lot to be desired. Too little and too limited.

The US ambassador at the UN, Nikki Haley, who I deeply respect for her conservative American patriotic opinions and her pro-Israeli and pro-Jewish position, did say at the United Nations General Assembly that if Assad carries out another chemical attack, USA would strike again.

Problem? The word A-G-A-I-N.

USA and its allies DID NOT FINISH THE JOB!
Syria wasn't deterred last year after the previous US strike and Syria won't be deterred now either.

Everybody can bet your a-s-s that Assad will use chemical weapons AGAIN.
Syria STILL HAS chemical weapons in its arsenal.

If the "world community" (I laugh everytime I hear this bombastic empty phrase with no real meaning and no real content since 7 billion human beings in 200 countries can't seem to agree on anything) wanted to destroy ALL of Assad's chemical weapons, they could have done that a long time ago.

Another carte blanche for Assad, Iran and Putin's Russian mafia state.
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