Satellite photos show Syrian chemical weapons facilities hit
News agencies
Published: 15.04.18, 09:15
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1. Russia ordered Assad 2 empty facilities
Meaning they bombe buildings the gas was moved out
2. 200 dollars wasted
Rami ,   Helsinki   (04.15.18)
Buildings that had nothing in them.
3. So what? Nothing
Avi L.   (04.15.18)
Just an empty show made in order for Donald and the US not to totally loose their face.

It reminds of "falastinian resistance" blowing up an empty field at night to impress foreign press.

US, UK and France blew up more or less empty building after warning they were coming.

The question is whether Putin will restrain Israel's right to defends itself over Syria.

The rest is irrelevant.
4. Such genius here!
JG ,   Sharon   (04.15.18)
Many people who have posted here claim that the facilities that were hit were empty. How do you guys know this?
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