Haaretz publisher derided for 'racist' tweet
Raz Shechnik
Published: 15.04.18, 13:01
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1. Out with PC and in with reason
Yakov ,   Afula   (04.15.18)
"My family were writing books when your family were still climbing trees"

Said by Benjamin D'Israeli in the British Parliament as a retort to a fellow Parliamentarian who asked the Speaker why are "Heathens", meaning D'Israeli, allowed to take a seat in Parliament.
There is nothing derogatory about using this phrase, it simply denotes the progressiveness of one as opposed to the regressiveness of the other.
2. I like dumas citation
Camel eon ,   Paris   (04.15.18)
Shockedmen must be depressed when everyday he sees mizrahims
climbing the tree of knowldege in every area of the israeli
society. My grand pa was climbing the tree with kabbalah books
in his back pack.
You are the past.
Start memorizing the kaddish prayer.
You are an ignorant and arrogant man.
3. People at Haaretz have lost their marbles+ limit criticsm
Sam ,   Montreal   (04.15.18)
The motto at Haaretz is trash Israel. It's the only thing they care about. It seeps into some of the far-leftists at YNET..
4. "Haaretz" pblished an inerview with a "young Austrian"
ab   (04.15.18)
stating "he is not as bad as his reputation". This Austrian was Adolf Hitler,before becoming Chancellor of Germany.
Don't know if "Haaretz" was in "Schocken's family hands" even then,bu the "moral leadership " of the paper hasn't changed since its hailing of this yunf Austrian".
Wife of the Polish antisemiic leader W.Gomulka who expelled Jews from Poland in 1968 was one Livia Schocken,of the "Schocken family" no doubt
5. Schocken is as close to Jewish antisemitie as it’s humanly
6. Bonnie Geller let's set the record straight....
QC ,   Israel   (04.15.18)
The Right Honourable, The First Earl of Beaconsfield, Mr. Benjamin Disraeli self-identified as Anglican Christian and married the Anglican Christian woman Mary Anne Disraeli (nee Lewis).
She accepted the title First Viscountess of Beaconsfield bestowed upon her by Her Majesty Queen Victoria on behalf of her husband because he wished to continue serving in the British House of Commons. Upon her death he accepted the title First Earl of Beaconsfield.
Further, Mr. Disraeli who served twice as Her Majesty Queen Victoria's conservative party Prime Minister was NOT of Sephardi descent. Both his maternal and paternal families were of Italian Jewish descent.

Surely you are aware that there are two definitions of Sephardi:
1. any individual who is directly descended from Spanish Jewry and who practices the Sephardi Religious Rite of Judaism and
2. any individual who is not Ashkenazi and the Ashkenazi not being aware of the differences between the religious rite of various non-Ashkenazi Jewish groups deem the individual to be Sephardi.

Surely it is clear to you that Mr. Disraeli as a Christian person descended from Italian Jewry does NOT fit into either category.
7. Bonnie Geller when did the left Ashkenazi ruling party...
lose the elections? 2015 you say?
Wow! Ms. Geller I do believe that you need to review your political history of Israel.
For the record the "Ma'apach" (change) occurred in 1977 when Prime Minister Mr. Menachem Begin was voted in with support from Sephardim, Mizrachim, and non-leftist Ashkenazim.
For the record the State of Israel has always had Ashkenazi Prime Ministers - some from the left and some from the right but ALWAYS Ashkenazim.
For the record the State of Israel has had several presidents who were either Sephardi or Mizrachi.
8. Haaretz
Steve A ,   Manchester   (04.15.18)
The person who believes the Hatifkva as a hated song is perfectly entitled to express his ( or her ) views. And I am free to say that person has no right to live in Israel & should go and live in Gaza !
9. Racist, not 'racist'
Erich ,   New York   (04.15.18)
No surprise here...another uber-Leftist exposed to be a Jewish anti-Semite. Bear this in mind when you hear the Left spout buzzwords like diversity, progress, and human rights. In the world of the Left, some humans have more rights than others, and others aren't even human at all.
10. Mr. Shocken please show the results of the poll
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (04.15.18)
by which you decided on the popularity of Hatikvah.
11. He’s actively supporting present day Nazis: Arab Jihadists!
Family tradition, it seems....
12. Haaretz is a RACIST rant sheet
Uri ,   NY   (04.15.18)
Close it down!
13. just asking....
IBR ,   Israel   (04.15.18)
how is it that when Disraeli said:
“While your ancestors were painting themselves blue, my ancestors were worshipping one God."
Jews the world over clapped their hands.
and when Schoken says it suddenly it's antisemitism and racism

Would that be like:
It was praiseworthy and fine for Schindler to negotiate with the Nazi Amon Goth in order to save 1,200 Jews.
But it was evil and wrong for Kastner to negotiate with the Nazis in order to save 1,684 Jews.

Well? What's the answer?
14. but it's just dandy for Regev to call refugees "Cancer"
calling a human being a "cancer" how far is that from when they used to call us "vermin"?

Or is racism only racism when you don't agree with what the speaker is saying?
15. Disraeli and Sepharadim
Eileen ,   Kiryat Ona   (04.16.18)
Disraeli reacted to a comment that referred to his family history and he proudly retorted without thinking if his roots were Sepharadic, Ashkenazi, or that he himself was Christian. It's about time we Jews stop thinking in terms of it, and start thinking as one...and
16. Non Ashkenazi not necessarily Sephardi
Eileen ,   K.Ono   (04.16.18)
Iraqi, Iranian, Yeminite, Ehtiopian etc Jews, are not Ashkenazim...nor are they Sepharadim.
17. The Schockens were never part of "Zionism's leadership".
Jake   (04.16.18)
Haaretz was acquired in 1934 by Salman Schocken, who was affiliated with "Brit Shalom", a movement that aimed for the establishment of a binational Jewish-Arab state in Palestine and renounced the Zionist aim of creating a Jewish state.

As for Haaretz, which has been run by the Schocken family ever since, Golda Meir once stated that Golda Meir once said that the only government that Haaretz has ever supported in Israel was the British Mandate, before the founding of the State.
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