Netanyahu praises Syria strikes, Hezbollah dismisses them as failure
Published: 15.04.18, 23:24
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1. 2 False Flags.. London Skripal poison, Syria Chlorine attack
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, Minnesota   (04.16.18)
So world will bomb Syria, BDS Russia and Iran.

Jews hang themselves.
2. netanyahu praises strikes
hy   (04.16.18)
trump likes complements. there is no need to thank him. trump uk and france did it for the syria victims and message on no use of chem weapons. bibi offers thanks profusely because he is fearful of being on his own. he cannot resist it.

perhaps the generation away from the pioneers has gone soft. 6 million went through hell and got burned. many others went through hell to survive. so Israel built on the shoulders of survivors has an ethos of never again. and not to fear to go into the dark night.

that is Israel will fight to the last and give it everything it has regardless of the odds. now Israel has a powerful armed forces. it needs r

Israel needs leaders imbued with the fighting spirit ,not ones who run to trump and Putin to do Israel's bidding for it.

3. Delusional nashy
Rami ,   Helsinki   (04.16.18)
US could wipe Beirut off the map within ten seconds.
4. Cannot understand?????
morice ,   toronto   (04.16.18)
If only three chemical targets in Syria were the problem, why did it require over 100 missiles to do the destruction. Think of the vast expense involved for the destruction of three buildings. Not only that, but it took three nations to carry it out. Surely it would have been suffice to use about 20 missiles, even with the claim of the Syrians and Russians claiming a 70% kill ratio,6 missiles would have done the job
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