Independence Day signs vandalized in Arab towns
Yishai Porat, Hassn Shalan
Published: 16.04.18, 23:35
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1. parang
eilat   (04.17.18)
to parang, n above..
better idea! fair would be to allow the israeli arabs who love and fight for this country to stay and the telavivians or bonbonim who hate and try to destroy this country sent to gaza or iran or europe...oh wait no not europe because even their credentials as card carrying self hating jews will not stop the barbarians in the gate to slaughter them...which i wish on no one...even you!
2. Israeli Arabs are spoiled brats
Sam ,   Montreal   (04.17.18)
They prefer staying in Israel to being transferred to Palestine in a peace deal but they complain non-stop. Maybe Jews need to stop treating them with friendliness and let them survive off their fellow Palestinians. ( meaning stop hiring them or buying from them), Let them take care of themselves.
3. Strange op ed for independence day
Lucifer69   (04.17.18)
Ynet could have done better
4. It never was nor ever shall be Arab land. But Inshallah, one
day we will make Arabs leave, one way or another.
5. Burn flags? They do the same in France, England, Belgium...
Andre ,   Clichy   (04.17.18)
Burn the flags of the countries they're squatting in ? They do the same in France, England, fact they should go to Ireland. They are loved there. Positively loved! (And, to be honest, I can't wait to see the Irish flag burning, and the Swedish one, and the Norwegian one...). LOL !
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